PR 2024 R6 - Snake & Casual (7th - 13th June) Score Discuss
National Championships
Two national championships are organised every year to select the Indian teams for the World Championships. Till 2010, the sudoku championships were held in Jan-Feb and the puzzle championships were held in Aug-Sep. But from 2011 onwards, since both the world sudoku and puzzle events will be combined, the national championships for both events will be held in early 2011.
College Festivals
To encourage puzzling and sudoku activities, we have associated with various colleges to organise puzzle and sudoku championships as part of their college fests
Monthly Tests
Every month LMI organizes two tests, one Sudoku and One puzzle. Several Authors around the world write puzzles and sudokus for these tests. The schedule for monthly tests is available here. If you are interested in creating puzzles/sudokus, contact us here.
Daily Contests
Beginning Dec 2021, LMI has been conducting Daily Contests which can be played online.
Beginners' Tests
LMI regularly organizes Beginners' Sudoku Contests that were widely well received. Following it up, Beginners' Puzzle Contests have been started. These tests are aimed at the newer audience and can be used as an easily accessible initialization into the world of logical puzzling. These tests are a stepping stone towards LMI Monthly Tests.
Mock Tests
Mock tests were organised by the members of the Logic Masters Community before the beginning of monthly tests. The mock tests served as practice material for the participants at the national championships. They also aimed at encouraging the art of creating puzzles and sudokus.

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