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LMI is conducting the 9th edition of Sudoku Mahabharat, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Sudoku Championship, from January to March 2023. Read more here.
LMI is conducting the 8th edition of Puzzle Ramayan, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship, from January to April 2023. Read more here.


Indian Sudoku Champion 2022

Prasanna Seshadri

Indian Puzzle Champion 2022

Prasanna Seshadri

Sudoku Mahabharat Winner 2022

Nityant Agarwal

Puzzle Ramayan Winner 2022

Nityant Agarwal

World Puzzle Championship 2022 Silver Medalist

Prasanna Seshadri
Cognizance 2010, IIT Roorkee

A sudoku and puzzle championship was held in association with IIT Roorkee on 26-28th March 2010. Click here for details.

DecaFest 2010, FMMC, Mangalore

A sudoku championship was held in association with FMMC, Mangalore on 19th February 2010. Click here for details.

TechFest 2010, IIT Bombay

The Indian Sudoku Championship 2010 was organised in association with TechFest at IIT Bombay on 24th January 2010. Preliminary online rounds were held on 3rd and 9th of January. This championship was held to select the Indian team for the World Sudoku Championship 2010 to be held in Philadelphia, USA.

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