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World Puzzle Federation

The World Puzzle Federation is an international organization dedicated to puzzles. It follows the Olympic standard, and brings together puzzle solvers from around the world for the annual World Puzzle Championship(WPC) and the World Sudoku Championship(WSC).

Goals of the World Puzzle Federation are:

  • to provide the means for an international exchange of puzzle ideas;
  • to stimulate innovations in the field of puzzles;
  • to supervise the annual World Puzzle Championship (WPC), World Sudoku Championship (WSC) and other puzzle activities;
  • to foster friendship among puzzle enthusiasts world-wide.
  • WPF Website: http://www.worldpuzzle.org

    World Championships

    Across these pages you should find useful information regarding the World Puzzle Federation and the various activities that it conducts, like the World Puzzle Championship and the World Sudoku Championship. Also included is a compilation of the participation and performance of past Indian teams at the world championships.

    World Puzzle Championship
    World Sudoku Championship
    India @ WPCs
    India @ WSCs
    India @ ASCs

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