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LMI is conducting the 9th edition of Sudoku Mahabharat, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Sudoku Championship, from January to March 2023. Read more here.
LMI is conducting the 8th edition of Puzzle Ramayan, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship, from January to April 2023. Read more here.


Indian Sudoku Champion 2022

Prasanna Seshadri

Indian Puzzle Champion 2022

Prasanna Seshadri

Sudoku Mahabharat Winner 2022

Nityant Agarwal

Puzzle Ramayan Winner 2022

Nityant Agarwal

World Puzzle Championship 2022 Silver Medalist

Prasanna Seshadri
India @ WSC

India has sent teams to represent the country at the World Sudoku Championship (WSC) since its inception at Lucca, Italy in 2006. In WSC 2012, Rohan Rao stood 8th, becoming the first Indian to break into the top-10. In WSC 2015, Prasanna Seshadri improved on the best individual rank by securing 7th place. In WSC 2018 and WSC 2019, India placed 5th in the Official Team standings.

Rohan Rao has been part of India A ten times, Prasanna Seshadri eight times, Rishi Puri and Kishore Kumar five times each, Sumit Bothra five times, Ritesh Gupta four times and Gaurav Korde and Pranav Kamesh three times each.

In WSC 2022, Nityant Agarwal became the first Indian to win secondary categories. Nityant was both the best Newcomer as well as the best Under-18 solver at the event.
Top 5 Individual Performances Rank Year Top 5 Team Performances Rank Year
Prasanna Seshadri 7th 2015 Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao
Kishore Kumar Sridharan, Rishi Puri
5th 2019
Rohan Rao 8th 2012 Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao
Kishore Kumar Sridharan, Pranav Kamesh Sivakumar
5th 2018
Prasanna Seshadri 12th 2019 Rohan Rao, Prasanna Seshadri
Rakesh Rai, Kishore Kumar Sridharan
6th 2016
Rohan Rao 12th 2011 Rohan Rao, Prasanna Seshadri
Rishi Puri, Sumit Bothra
6th 2014
Gaurav Korde 13th 2009 Prasanna Seshadri, Kishore Kumar Sridharan,
Nityant Agarwal, Pranav Kamesh Sivakumar
7th 2022

Summary of India A team performances over the years:

Year Venue Participants Rank Team Rank
2022 Krakow
Prasanna Seshadri 16 7
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 21

Nityant Agarwal
Best Newcomer,
Best U-18
Pranav Kamesh Sivakumar 26
2019 Kirchheim
Prasanna Seshadri 12 5
Rohan Rao 23
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 31
Rishi Puri 60
2018 Prague
Czech Republic
Prasanna Seshadri 15 5
Rohan Rao 17
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 23
Pranav Kamesh Sivakumar 43
2017 Bangalore
Rishi Puri 34 14
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 35
Pranav Kamesh Sivakumar 44
Jaipal Reddu Mogiligundla 62
2016 Senec
Rohan Rao 18 6
Prasanna Seshadri 21
Rakesh Rai 32
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 38
2015 Sofia
Prasanna Seshadri 7 9
Rohan Rao 14
Rishi Puri 38
Kishore Kumar Sridharan 47
2014 London
Rohan Rao 14 6
Prasanna Seshadri 21
Rishi Puri 36
Sumit Bothra 55
2013 Beijing
Prasanna Seshadri 15 8
Rohan Rao 16
Rishi Puri 28
Jaipal Reddy 58
2012 Kraljevica
Rohan Rao 8 7
Gaurav Korde 32
Rakesh Rai 37
Sumit Bothra 51
2011 Eger
Rohan Rao 12 8
Sumit Bothra 44
Tejal Phatak 54
Prasanna Seshadri 71
2010 Philadelphia
Rohan Rao 15 12
Gaurav Korde 20
Ritesh Gupta 42
2009 Zilina
Gaurav Korde 13 16
Ritesh Gupta 21
Rohan Rao 25
2008 Goa
Sumit Bothra 13 7
Ritesh Gupta 25
Himani Shah 40
2007 Prague
Czech Republic
Sumit Bothra 30 13
Amit Sowani 50
Ritesh Gupta 54
Rajesh Kumar 85
Himani Shah 87
Rishi Puri 92
2006 Lucca
Sudhir Shankar Raman 46
Amit Agarwal 59
Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal 81

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