Sudoku Mahabharat & Puzzle Ramayan Finals
LMI Launches Puzzle Expo!
Welcome to LMI

Welcome to Logic Masters India (LMI)

If you have an inclination towards puzzle solving and have the ambition to excel competitively at Puzzles and Sudoku then you have come to the right place.

We, at LMI, are responsible for selecting the Indian teams for the World Puzzle and Sudoku Championships.

We aim to find and hone talent from the deep ends of India and nurture the dream to see India finish at the podium and become a fixture at the top end of the World rankings. Towards this goal, we organize numerous puzzle contests and activities.

So go ahead, join our community and explore and the mysterious world of Puzzles!!

You may ask any queries on the forum, but before doing so, we request you to read F.A.Q.

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