About Sudoku Mahabharat & Indian Sudoku Championship 2024

Logic Masters India (LMI) is conducting the Indian Sudoku Championship (ISC) 2024 (tentatively) in July/August 2024. The Sudoku Mahabharat online rounds are a significant part of the process to qualify for these Championships, along with the 2024 Sudoku Grand Prix (https://gp.worldpuzzle.org/). Read on to find out more.

  • This is a series of contests aimed at encouraging the best puzzle solvers of India to participate and have a chance to qualify for the National finals and experience the excitement, thrill and puzzling atmosphere on the lines of various national championships and the World Championships.
  • The championship consists of 4 online rounds (approximately one every 4 weeks), based on different categories of Sudoku variants.
  • The online rounds are free and open to all participants. All you need to do is register on the site and note the schedule!
  • There are 3-4* spots for the Indian A team for WSC 2024, which will be decided during the offline finale of the tournament.
    *Depending on whether the player awarded a wildcard from WSC 2022 participates.
  • There will be a separate playoff at the end of the offline finals to determine the Mahabharat winner. There will be an eligibility criteria for this playoff, as explained below, to preserve the essence of Sudoku Mahabharat.

All players who have achieved any one of the following are NOT eligible to participate in the playoff to determine the Sudoku Mahabharat winner.

  • Represented India in A-Team at the World Sudoku Championship at least once in the last 10 years*.
  • Represented India in B-Team / UN-Team at the World Sudoku Championship at least twice in the last 10 years*.
  • Won the Sudoku Mahabharat title twice.
  • *Not counting 2023.

Offline finals: Registration process
  • The process of filling up the offline finals' slots is the same as last year's process. We want to encourage solvers who aren't near the top yet but still want the experience of an offline final. The eligibility criteria is that the solver must have participated in at least 2 of the 4 online rounds ('participated' here means achieving a non-zero score in the round) OR reached the top 60 in lesser rounds. After Round 4, we will ask the solvers from 1-30 first and give them a week to confirm participation. After this, registrations will be open to participants from 31-60 for a week, and then it is open to everyone 'eligible' by the criteria above, till we get to 60 participants. After that, depending on venue restrictions, we will be ending registrations.
  • There will be base points awarded to participants. The base points will include:
    A) The total of the best 3 scores in the SM online rounds.
    B) The total of the best 3 scores in the first 4 rounds of the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix normalized to a score of 100 for the 4th best Indian. Essentially participation and results in the GP acts like a "5th" round to the base points total.
  • If online round organizers participate in the offline finals they will automatically get the same base points as the top solver of the online rounds
All players who appear for the offline finals will receive a certificate.
  • Top-4 players at the offline finals will be awarded medals / trophies.
  • All players at the offline finals Under-21yrs and over-50yrs will receive special prizes.
  • All players travelling from other countries (non-Indians), will receive special prizes.
Newcomer Sponsorship
LMI will sponsor a participant who has qualified into the Indian Sudoku A Team* and has never been to a WSC before.
The sponsorship includes
  1. Participation fee for WSC only, considering accommodation as double room.
  2. Airline ticket cost for the trip to and from the hosting country.**
  3. Visa fees.
Special Case Team Selection
If an Indian citizen is living outside India and cannot attend the offline finals due to this reason, then that Indian may qualify into the Indian A team if they fall into ALL of the below criteria.
  • The participant must be in the top 3** of the Sudoku Mahabharat online rounds considering best four scores.
  • The participant must be in the top 3** Indians considering the best three scores after four Sudoku Grand Prix rounds.
  • The participant must produce a soft copy of some proof of residence showing that they are not in India at the time of the offline finals.
Round Author Dates India 1 India 2 India 3
Standard & Irregular R. Kumaresan, Hemant Malani 09-15 Feb 2024
Odd Even & Hybrids Akash Doulani, Arun Iyer, Pranav Kamesh S 08-14 Mar 2024
Math & Neighbours James Peter, Madhav Sankaranarayanan, Puwar Dhruvarajsinh 05-11 Apr 2024
Outside & Converse Nityant Agarwal, Priyam Bhushan, Jeet Sampat 17-23 May 2024
Each round will have 18 Sudokus to be solved in 90 minutes
All rounds will have the following composition:
  • Two 6X6 Standard Sudokus
  • Four 9X9 Standard Sudoku
  • Six 6X6 Sudoku Variants
  • Six 9X9 Sudoku Variants
Any Sudoku variants used in each round will appear in both sizes, 6x6 and 9x9, i.e. there will be six different Sudoku variants in a round.
  • In each round, the fourth best Indian score among eligible players will be scaled to 100. Others' scores will be adjusted proportionately.
  • For International Rankings, the tenth best score in each round will be scaled to 100. Others' scores will be adjusted proportionately.
  • Participants will get points as allotted for each sudoku correctly submitted.
  • Instant Grading is enabled, so upon submitting participant will know if the answer is correct or not. Penalty exists for wrong submissions. (Also refer FAQ.)
  • There will be a time bonus of 1 point per full minute saved by players submitting all sudokus correctly within 90 minutes.
  • For determining rankings for offline finals consideration, each player's best 3 scores out of 4 online rounds will be summed up to calculate the total score (so, the worst score is discarded). For authors, the round authored is considered as a round with a 0 score.
  • For Organizers of SM who wish to participate in ISC, the base points will be equal to the base points of the highest Indian scorer.
International Players
  • Like every other contest at LMI, international players are encouraged to participate in these contests
  • These contests will be included in LMI Sudoku ratings.
  • International players are not eligible to win either the ISC or the Mahabharat title at the offline finals but can attend and participate managing their own expenses. We request any interested International players to let the organizers know early, before Round 4, so we can consider it in our plans.

If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please ask in the forum.

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