2021 World Sudoku + Puzzle Convention

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About World Sudoku_PLUS_Puzzle Convention 2021

This is the landing page for the World Sudoku_PLUS_Puzzle Convention 2021, an online event organized to fill in the gap after the postponed WSC & WPC.

The competitive part resembles the World Sudoku Championship format with 8 independent rounds for sudoku and 10 for puzzles. This part will be open for the whole ten days and you may start the rounds whenever you want and in any order.

We also encourage you to take part in the side events like interview panels with top solvers and authors, trivia quiz and bonus puzzle contests.

Keep puzzling and have fun!

Read here about options to donate and support our event.

Schedule Overview and F.A.Q.s

  • The introduction, schedule and other important points for the event are here (Updated 8:55 PM GMT 15th November). The final Schedule is shared here.
  • The F.A.Q. about the event is here.
  • The F.A.Q. about LMI Contests is here. NOTE: The Instant grading and online solving shall vary from the details provided. Please read the Instruction booklet of each different competition for specifics.

Registration process

  • Fill the registration form here. Alternate form for participants who can't access google is here.
  • Register to LMI here.

Event Progress and Content

There is a Progress Page which doubles up as the content download center now that the event is completed. All competition booklets and solution booklets that are available from the event can be found there.

Results Summary

    A Summary of results of the WSC, the WPC and the Time Trials can be viewed in our Hall of Fame page. Any disputes may happen by contacting the Judge panel.

    Judge Panel

      Tantan Dai - China
        Yanzhe Qiu - China
          Prasanna Seshadri - India
            Tawan Sunathvanichkul - Thailand
RoundDurationLinkStart Time
Instruction BookletNADownload v4All rounds close at 15:00 GMT on 22nd Nov (Monday)
01 - Classics40 minutesContest Link
02 - Evergreens60 minutesContest Link
03 - Great Wall of Sudoku60 minutesContest Link
04 - Temple of Sudoku45 minutesContest Link
05 - Dawn60 minutesContest Link
06 - Dusk60 minutesContest Link
07 - Sudoku Shrine60 minutesContest Link
08 - WSC 202170 minutesContest Link
RoundDurationLinkStart Time
Instruction BookletNADownload v3All rounds close at 15:00 GMT on 22nd Nov (Monday)
01 - Welcome to WS _PLUS_ PC60 minutesContest Link
02 - In Memory of Maki Kaji75 minutesContest Link
03 - Made in China90 minutesContest Link
04 - Made in India55 minutesContest Link
05 - Multi Skyscapers35 minutesContest Link
06 - All Stars75 minutesContest Link
07 - 20 by 2060 minutesContest Link
08 - Night and Day70 minutesContest Link
09 - Triple Jump80 minutesContest Link
10 - Mitosis60 minutesContest Link

Bonus Rounds

Discussion Thread

RoundDurationLinkStart Time
Instruction BookletNADownload v2
King of Kakuro77 minutesContest Link & IB with points12:00 PM GMT on 14th Nov
Snake Wrangler60 minutesContest Link & IB with points12:00 PM GMT on 15th Nov
Fleet Admiral70 minutesContest Link & IB with points12:00 PM GMT on 16th Nov
Baker Street Irregulars75 minutesContest Link & IB with points12:00 PM GMT on 17th Nov
Sudoku Nebula100 minutesContest Link & IB with points12:00 PM GMT on 18th Nov


Password - WS_PLUS_PC2021

Discussion Thread (meeting IDs can be found here)

EventTimeDayVideo Link
Opening Ceremony & Q&A13:00 - 13:30Sat 13th NovWatch on Facebook
Top Sudoku Solvers19:00 - 20:00Mon 15th NovWatch on Youtube
Japanese Solvers12:00 - 13:30Tue 16th NovWatch on Youtube
Top Puzzle Solvers05:30 - 07:00Wed 17th NovWatch on Youtube
Authors Panel14:30-16:00Thu 18th NovWatch on Youtube
Experienced Solvers17:00 - 19:00Fri 19th NovWatch on Youtube
WSPC Trivia Quiz13:00 - 14:00Sat 20th NovResults
Closing13:00 - 14:00Sun 21st NovWatch on Youtube And view Lottery Winners
Chatroom14:00 - 15:00Sun 21st NovCompleted

Time Trials

Discussion Thread

RoundStart TimeLink
All Time Trials PDFNAAll 33 Trials
Instruction Booklet Part 1NAVersion 2 & Fixed Schedule
Football12th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Baseball13th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Wrestling13th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Field Hockey13th Nov 16:00 GMTContest Link
Archery13th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Handball14th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Rugby Sevens14th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Sport Climbing14th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Shooting14th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Badminton15th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Karate15th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Instruction Booklet Part 2NAVersion 2 with schedule
Fencing15th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Athletics15th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Surfing16th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Golf16th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Gymnastics16th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Aquatics16th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Equestrian17th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Rowing17th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Sailing17th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Weightlifting17th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Tae Kwon Do18th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Instruction Booklet Part 3NAVersion 1 With New Schedule
Triathlon18th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Judo18th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Cycling19th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Pentathlon19th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Skateboarding19th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Boxing19th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Tennis20th Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link
Volleyball20th Nov 09:00 GMTContest Link
Canoeing20th Nov 15:00 GMTContest Link
Basketball20th Nov 21:00 GMTContest Link
Table Tennis21st Nov 03:00 GMTContest Link

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