Decafest 2010 @ , FMMC Mangalore

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LMI is conducting the 8th edition of Sudoku Mahabharat, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Sudoku Championship, from February to May 2022. Read more here.
LMI is conducting the 7th edition of Puzzle Ramayan, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship, from February to June 2022. Read more here.


Indian Sudoku Champion 2021

Rohan Rao

Indian Puzzle Champion 2021

Prasanna Seshadri

Sudoku Mahabharat Winner 2021

Nityant Agarwal

Puzzle Ramayan Winner 2021

Nityant Agarwal
Decafest 2010 @ , FMMC Mangalore

Logicmasters India conducted sudoku championship at Decafest 2010 in Mangalore on 19th February 2010.

The instruction booklet is available for download here
The sudokus for selecting the college teams are available here
The sudokus for the preliminary round are available here
The sudokus from the on stage final playoffs are available here

The prelims and the final playoffs at DecaFest 2010

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