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dhruvarajsinhpuwar06 posted @ 2021-02-19 9:44 PM

Sir, in fact I am happy and proud that my created sudokus are appearing on this great platform of LMI. I humbly thank for the opportunity given to me to be a co author in SM-2 and necessary support extended by all senior expert sirs in this regard. I will be eager to contribute as much as possible from my end, in future too, for the love of Sudoku.

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bakpao posted @ 2021-02-19 11:33 PM

Very much enjoyed the puzzles over here! Thank you for the nice puzzles, great work for a first contribution from Dhruvarajsinh :)
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swaroop2011 posted @ 2021-02-20 3:48 AM

Fun and Challenging contest. Felt hard for SM.
Got stuck at Rossini Sudoku, very challenging.
My favorites were Diagonal skyscraper and Pointing Evens.
Congratulations Dhruv on your Debut authoring. Looking forward to more from you in the future.
Thanks, Akash and LMI.
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Nityant posted @ 2021-02-20 11:53 AM

A Fun contest. My Favorites were pointing evens and Rossini Sudoku. Thank you Akash Sir and Dhruv for the contest. Congratulations Dhruv for co-authoring this round.
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TiiT posted @ 2021-02-20 5:37 PM

A round with really nice puzzles. Had some problems with 7-th cassic, but eventually it worked out. Unordered distances was really nice puzzle and a bit challenging too. But favourites were rossini and pointing evens.
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Sedho posted @ 2021-02-21 2:25 PM

Really enjoyed this set. Usually my solving time for the high-pointers is close to or more than the number of points of the puzzle, so I was very surprised when I got the Rossini in 6 minutes - somehow I suspect I had some faulty logic that just happened to lead to the right answer. Also enjoyed the unordered distances, though it took me as long as I expected. Thank you to the authors!
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vopani posted @ 2021-02-23 11:53 AM

Too hard for SM but nice set of sudokus. Particularly liked the Rossini and Diagonal Skyscrapers sets.
A little less difficulty would have made this extremely enjoyable.

Favourite sudokus:
7th Classic 9x9
Diagonal Skyscrapers 9x9
Rossini 6x6

Thanks Akash and Dhruv!
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kishy72 posted @ 2021-02-23 4:05 PM

Excellent set of sudokus ! Had tremendous fun getting through the set although it was a bit of a rugged ride for me having broken the very first sudoku that I started with. Sudokus were on the harder side but of a high quality. I suspect the difficulty might have to do with the nature of variants used.
My favourites were Unordered Distances (14) and Pointing Evens (8).
Great job & well done Akash & Dhruv ! Thanks for the fun set.
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Anu G

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Anu G posted @ 2021-02-23 9:21 PM

I am not good at outside variants. But really enjoyed the outside and pointed evens which were fun and easy. I broke the classics and wasted time. I attempted part of the rossini but ran out of time. I enjoyed what I attempted :).

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shambo posted @ 2021-02-23 9:48 PM

I thought that the 9*9 Rossini would be on tougher side seeing the points. But that turned out to be quite easy and straightforward when I solved it later. So I had a lackluster of 16 points, which made me dejected to some extent. My favourite ones were the 9*9 unordered distances and the 8 pointer classic which had a marvelous xy-wing hidden in it. Overall the sudokus were of impeccable quality and enthralled me a lot.
Huge thanks to both the authors.
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Sidhaarth posted @ 2021-02-24 12:07 AM

Sir / Madam can u pls tell me how to access the pdf of puzzle booklet as it is asking for a document password ?
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Administrator posted @ 2021-02-24 3:50 PM

Sidhaarth - 2021-02-24 12:07 AM

Sir / Madam can u pls tell me how to access the pdf of puzzle booklet as it is asking for a document password ?

The password shall be available to you once you start the test.
For more details you can refer to the FAQ: https://logicmastersindia.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=2773
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prabhadoshi posted @ 2021-02-24 10:40 PM

how to solve online,not showing
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Swagatam posted @ 2021-02-24 10:49 PM

In the sudoku booklet the penpa link (for online solving) is given corresponding to each sudoku.
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Administrator posted @ 2021-02-24 11:03 PM

Contest Extension

The contest is extended by 24 hours and shall be open till Thursday 11:59 PM IST (25th February) - based on requests from some participants.
(Participants must start the test before 11:59 PM on 25th February.)

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Kumaresan R

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Kumaresan R posted @ 2021-02-25 4:13 PM

Very interesting contest. Go on solving the puzzle.I forgot to notice the time.when I saw the remaining time was around 4min.leftorver puzzles were unordered distance and diagonal skyscraper set. Today I done the remaining... All I solved logically. Like 8th classic which I found some pairs and triplet and diagonal skyscraper, Rossini and outside sudoku. Thanks to Dhruv and Akash for good contest..
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ravilp posted @ 2021-02-25 9:49 PM

Thankyou Akash & Dhruv for a nice set of puzzles, eventhough on a tougher side. Lost a few minutes at the start to get accustomed with the answering page. Of the solved ones, liked the 7th classic and the 9×9 unordered distance sudokus.
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Administrator posted @ 2021-02-26 1:53 AM

Thanks to the 380 participants.

Congratulations to Tantan Dai, Kota Morinishi and Mingrui for taking the top 3 spots.

Also, Congratulations to Prasanna Seshadri , Rohan Rao and Kishore Kumar for taking the top 3 spots from India.

Thanks to Akash Doulani and Dhruvarajsinh Puwar for authoring this round, with some innovative variants!

Those who missed taking part in this test can still take this test unofficially.
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akash.doulani posted @ 2021-02-26 11:35 AM

Congratulations to Tantan Dai, Kota Morinishi and Mingrui for topping the test and also to Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao and Kishore Kumar for finishing in top 3 among the Indians.
The general feedback on this test was that it was a bit on the harder side. I feel it was mostly because of the choice of variants which were mostly uncommon for the online tests. I really enjoyed creating sudokus for this test and with Dhruv contributing with all classics and also 6x6 unordered distance, much of the workload for the test was shared. I feel Dhruv has the potential to author a full round next year. Some of us should make way for people like Dhruv to take up a full round.
Once again, thanks to all the participants.
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dhruvarajsinhpuwar06 posted @ 2021-02-26 10:20 PM

Namaste/ Hello to All Respected Sirs/Madams,

This was my first ever experience as a co-author in any official competition held on Logic Masters India (LMI) Platform and for giving me this great opportunity, I am thankful to all the concerned administrators/ sudoku experts. I am very happy and excited to read the feedback comments from all which has boosted my confidence further and so I am expressing my feelings with all of you.

First of all, I heartily congratulate all the following winners of Episode-2 (Outside Round) of Sudoku Mahabharat (SM)-2021 which is also an ISC Qualifier-2021 round held on LMI during February-19 to 25.

Chart Toppers:
(1) Ms. Tantan Dai Madam
(2) Mr. Kota Morinishi Sir
(3) Mr. Mingrui Huang Sir

Indian Toppers:
(1) Mr. Prasanna Seshadri Sir
(2) Mr. Rohan Rao Sir
(3) Mr. Kishore Kumar Sridhar Sir

I also congratulate all the participants without whom this round could not have been a success.

During the SM Episode-2 interactions with the main author Mr.Akash Doulani Sir, I realized the art of creating sudokus with a symmetry/ pattern/ theme. Frankly speaking, I created many sudokus before finalizing a particular sudoku. I felt that the variants created by him were excellent and the highlight of this outside round. In fact, I and my younger sister Krutika eagerly wait for his 'World of Sudoku' books and love solving his sudokus. I am humbled to read his view for me to author a full round on my own and I will surely try my best to do it whenever I am given a chance.

I thank Mr.Rakesh Rai Sir for being a tester, sudoku selector, competition executor and much more than that for this round. He devoted so much time and advised to exclude very easy & hard created sudokus to make it worth and suitable for this round. I have memories of changes carried out after his suggestions for betterment of my sudoku creations. I still remember the discussion on change of a clue in 6x6 unordered distances sudoku which frankly speaking, I was reluctant to do, but to balance everything, his decisions are really a guiding factor. I am a fan of his genius Mean-Minis types of 6x6 sudokus and wish to create that excellent level of sudokus in future. I also remember the continuous encouragement given to me by him since my first participation at TOI Sudoku Chennai Edition in 2017 onwards till date. He introduced and also used to immediately help us know other sudoku online foreign countries' competitions and extend his help whenever needed. Thanks, Sir.

During SM Episode-2, I put a theme of S, M, 20, 21 for 4 mini classics and for 9x9 classics it was various gadgets etc. of a video game Shadow Fight 2 (SF2) which I like. In short, I learned so many new things in the past few days.

I still remember the offline ASC-2020 competition which was a turning point for me. There, I got an opportunity to meet in-person, sudoku experts of India & the world. I was enriched by the training & tips given by Mr.Prasanna Sheshadri Sir. Even after that competition, whenever I need any kind of support, he and others mainly Mr.Tiit Vunk Sir & Mr.R.Kumaresan Sir guide & help me. I am sometimes watching youtube videos of other sudoku experts too. I also humbly thank all those people who contributed to my sudoku journey, directly or indirectly.

I heartily love my parents (Mrs.Sreevalli & Mr.Dhairyapalsinh) for their upbringing by all possible means in my life to achieve all.

With due respect and thanks to all Sudoku lovers,

Puwar Dhruvarajsinh

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rakesh_rai posted @ 2021-02-26 11:20 PM

Thanks Dhruva, and best wishes!
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Anu G

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Anu G posted @ 2021-02-27 4:38 PM

Being 5 times your age , and still struggling to solve, I am in awe of your ability to not only solve so fast, but also create sudokus. Congrats and very best wishes for great success. May you do India proud. God bless you.
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DanAvi posted @ 2021-02-27 7:31 PM

In awe of you, Dhruv! Excellent!!
God Bless
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