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prasanna16391 posted @ 2022-06-09 1:50 PM

I am a bit late, but here is the Sudoku Mahabharat closing message :)

Firstly, I've now updated a new Puzzle Booklet PDF for this round. It contains a bonus puzzle 19, an Arrow Sudoku that was rejected for being too difficult. It is still a lovely puzzle and themed for the round so please give it a try and let us know your experience on it! (Edit - there is a problem with the answer check, I'll fix it soon (Edit - Fixed, but its still behaving weirdly for some solvers. Ignore the hurray message and go ahead and solve. Here is the solution for reference - ))

Secondly, we have cumulative results! As you all know, this year we had 4 rounds and the best 3 scores are selected to add up to the grand total.

Here are the Indian results which are relevant to ISC qualification:
The top 60 will be sent a mail soon about this.

Here are the overall results including International Participants:
SM 2022 had 579 participants getting a non-zero score. Thank you all for participating, and hope to see you again for next year's series!
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sunderramanv posted @ 2022-06-23 9:05 AM

Tentatively when shall we be receiving the emails (for the first 60 solvers)

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Administrator posted @ 2022-06-25 2:02 AM

The mail was sent a while ago. If you haven't received it, check your spam, and if its not there either then mail, as long as you are in the top 60.

We will be sending a follow up mail soon too, as the venue has been finalized and there's more concrete information now.
Math & Irregular - 27th May - 1st Jun 2022 - Sudoku Mahabharat & ISC Qualifier 202226 posts • Page 1 of 2 • 1 2
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