Puzzle Ramayan & Sudoku Mahabharat 2022 - Finals

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Logic Masters India (LMI) is conducting the Indian Puzzle Championship (IPC) 2022 on August 20th, 2022, and the Indian Sudoku Championship (ISC) 2022 on August 21st, 2022. The venue for the double event is:

Hotel Supreme Heritage
Address: Near Joggers Park, Opp. Kalpataru Regency, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006
Website: https://hotelsupreme-hotel.business.site/
Map Link

Day format

While we do not have the number of rounds, etc. for ISC or IPC yet, the format of the event will follow a similar structure to previous years. Day 1 will have the IPC competitive rounds, followed by Puzzle Ramayan Playoffs for eligible solvers, followed by a small casual puzzle event. Day 2 will have the ISC competitive rounds, followed by Sudoku Mahabharat Playoffs for eligible solvers, followed by a small casual Sudoku event.


The top 60 of the SM online rounds will be invited for ISC. The top 60 of PR online rounds will be invited for IPC. Participants on the Sudoku side may register for both days. Participants on the Puzzles side must wait till 14th July to get confirmation that they may register for both days. For now, they may register for just the Puzzle side. They may also indicate interest to attend the Sudoku date, so that later if/when slots become available, they can still avail the combination discount. Also, note that if we get no approach or indication of interest by 14th July, it may be difficult to get slots after that even for those in the top 60.

Registration is a two-step process.

  1. Fill the form here - https://surveyheart.com/form/62bef7935b6e107a6845dcb5.
  2. Pay the registration fee (or the advance as shown below).


All players who appear for the offline finals will receive a certificate.
  • Top-4 players at the offline finals will be awarded medals / trophies.
  • All players at the offline finals Under-21yrs and over-50yrs will receive special prizes.
  • All players travelling from other countries (non-Indians), will receive special prizes.
  • The best author of SM and of PR, will receive a special prize each.

Participation fee

There will be participation fees, mainly to recover the charges of the venue, prizes, goodie bags, etc. to provide the best experience to participants. The payment structure is as follows:
OnlineAdvance & On-Spot
SM & ISCRs. 850Rs. 250 & Rs. 700 (Rs. 950)
PR & IPCRs. 750Rs. 200 & Rs. 650 (Rs. 850)
JointRs. 1400Rs. 350 & Rs. 1150 (Rs. 1500)

Definitions & Further details

Waiting List

Travel and Stay

We expect participants to make their own travel and stay arrangements. If a participant wishes to participate on both days then a night stay is required on the 20th. Please look at hotels near the venue to select your preferred stay option. Please contact us for any assistance like pairing up for stay in double rooms. If participants want to stay at Hotel Supreme itself, please let us know. We will confirm by 5th July if we have enough bookings to do a group booking at better rates than presented online.

Why you should attend

We are providing a once-a-year experience of meeting fellow Sudoku & Puzzle enthusiasts and experts in the field. Most of India's top solvers are happy to share their input on solving strategies and so this is a great opportunity even if you are a beginner who can't target a top spot yet in your solving career. For talented/accomplished solvers, there is a chance to represent India at the World Championships held in Poland in October of this year. The playoff experience is a rare opportunity for top inexperienced solvers. Especially this year, since we have stayed home and participated in this competition online for the last two years, finally being able to have the offline experience again will be that much more valuable. Lastly, it's just two days of enjoying one of your favorite hobbies ;)

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