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swaroop2011 posted @ 2021-04-06 9:53 AM

harmeet - 2021-04-06 9:22 AM

Thanks Swaroop for the delightful puzzles. My performance was below par. I got stuck with Fillo-1 & 2 at the beginning and got too late to pull back.
Nevertheless, the puzzles were thoroughly enjoyable. My favorites were Double Choco-3 and CombiBlock-3.

Thanks Harmeet. Unfortunate that you got stuck.
I hope you solve all the remaining puzzles at your leisure and enjoy them as well.
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ashaash11ash posted @ 2021-04-06 1:19 PM

Wow. Never expected this performance but i would say this was one of the best PR round i have solved. Of course i had been practicing a bit these days but the puzzle quality was awesome. top notch quality and totally satisfying round. Thanks a lot Swaroop for this wonderful contest :)
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kheti posted @ 2021-04-06 1:48 PM

Had fun solving these puzzles. The practice links and videos provided were very helpful. I practiced a lot and was pretty confident with filomino, shasigane, spiral galaxies and combi blocks and had decided to attempt these ones first. but as it turned out, I got stuck in the filominoes at the very start and wasted a lot of time there. Headed straight to shasigane and spiral galaxies and got them out of the way and then their Max versions. didn't expect to get stuck in combi block but I had very little time left when I got to it and so made a mistake in hurry. Could not get to the compass puzzles at all.

First time, I tried solving on Penpa. Was fun.
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vopani posted @ 2021-04-06 3:07 PM

Fantastic set of puzzles but extremely hard for PR. Could have been more enjoyable otherwise.

No particular favourites since most were high quality but generally liked the Combi-Block and Double Choco sets.

Thanks Swaroop!
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kishy72 posted @ 2021-04-06 4:12 PM

High quality puzzles but found them way too hard. Heavy dislike for the contest. No fun at all. More easier puzzles would have made the experience better.
Also one feedback regarding formatting. Dotted lines and (dots as well) got wiped off when I erased to fix a broken part in Combi Block (7 pointer)and that left me stranded for the last 20 mins...
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rajeshk posted @ 2021-04-07 8:36 PM

Nice and hard puzzles. I practiced most of the types before starting this test and was very (over) confident to complete this test. However, my confidence was shattered with the first Fillomino puzzle itself.
Loved each of the puzzles in this test. Thanks, Swaroop for these great puzzles.
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A Carton Mutant

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A Carton Mutant posted @ 2021-04-08 12:40 AM

Very nice puzzles! Got spooked a bit by the opening fillominos :) But everything went more or less smoothly except compasses. Glad I got them eventually but I really need to improve at the genre.
Favorites: Double Choco 2, Sashigane 1, Compass 1, Spiral Galaxies 3.
Thank you!
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Administrator posted @ 2021-04-09 12:32 AM

Thanks to the 263 official participants. There were 29 finishers in this round.

Congratulations to Endo Ken, Jeffrey Bardon, Walker Anderson and Freddie Hand for taking the top 4 spots, and scoring 130+ points.

Congratulations to Ashish Kumar, Rohan Rao, Rakesh Rai and Rajesh Kumar for taking the top 4 spots from India. Very good performance by Ashish!

Thanks to Swaroop Guggilam for authoring this round!
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swaroop2011 posted @ 2021-04-09 4:34 AM

Congratulations to all the winners.

Brief background of the contest:
We selected only those types which were available on with a thought that it will allow solvers to practice these genres.
I also wanted to challenge myself and so I picked all the new genres except Fillomino. New in the sense, I created these genres for the first time. One thing I realized while setting these genres was, they are so uniqueness prone. I created multiple versions of puzzles which would break at the end because of non-unique. Eventually the struggle came through and I was happy with the logic behind all the puzzles.

Most submitted puzzle: Spiral Galaxies 2 (205)
Most correctly submitted puzzle: Spiral Galaxies 2 (99.51%)
Least submitted puzzle: Compass 3 (76) - Expected
Least correctly submitted puzzle: Max Spiral Galaxies 1 (73.54%) - Shocking

Firstly Sincere apologies for the minor mistake in the Spiral Galaxies at the start of the contest, which may have affected 4 to 5 solvers. Apart from that, Most of you liked the puzzle quality and enjoyed solving the puzzles. I understand the difficulty became harder than usual PR rounds. I guess being new genres, I couldn't accurately gauge the difficulty and there was less time to do multiple iterations but will surely keep this in mind for next time.

I hope you solve all the remaining unsolved puzzles in your liesure and maybe also the puzzles you may have guessed through during the contest and would like to discover a nice logical solving path. If you get stuck, feel free to post here and would be happy to guide the next step.
All though I am really happy with the way the puzzles turned out, my personal favourite was the entire Compass Set.
Thanks to everyone for providing their feedback here as well as in the Discord servers.

I now pass the Ball to Priyam for the next PR round (Object Placement). Best of Luck! Eagerly looking forward for the test.
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vjain9 posted @ 2021-04-10 5:13 PM

Lovely puzzles Swaroop ! Please do share the solution booklet
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kristianroger posted @ 2021-04-21 3:31 PM

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prasanna16391 posted @ 2021-04-28 3:14 AM

vjain9 - 2021-04-10 5:13 PM

Lovely puzzles Swaroop ! Please do share the solution booklet

Solution Booklet - Link
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