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carburra posted @ 2017-08-02 10:08 PM

Both Sudoku & Puzzles in SM & PR are very nice. A Biggg Thank You to all the Authors of the contest. Organizing is at its best and the concept of Team Round for Puzzles is so much fun. Sharing the ideas with like minded people is always fun and a good learning experience as we wont get this opportunity as individuals. Again Thank You guys its a memorable event to cherish :)
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RameshLMI posted @ 2017-08-03 10:11 AM

ISC 2017 along with the SM finals was an amazing experience. The whole bunch of Sudokus that appeared in Round1 to Round4 of ISC and then in Classic Sudoku Master were nicely crafted. Inspite of my poor performances in rounds 3 & 4, I feel the grids really tested solver's skill in all aspects. I enjoyed being part of the event especially the classic sudoku master event. Thanks to authors and organizers for offereing us such a wonderful event.
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lakshmisv posted @ 2017-08-03 11:03 AM

I agree - it was a very well organized event and I enjoyed it thoroughly

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rajeshk posted @ 2017-08-03 2:08 PM

Read SM and ISC 2017 experience by Hemant Kr Malani

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prasanna16391 posted @ 2017-08-07 9:22 PM

ISC - Full report and details


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Bansalpooja.b posted @ 2017-08-08 1:59 PM

it was my first time in ISC and i thoroughly enjoyed solving each and every sudoku and the event. it was a very nice experience....looking forward to be a part of many more events in future.
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rajeshk posted @ 2017-08-14 3:49 PM

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rvarun posted @ 2017-08-17 11:21 AM

Congrats and all the best to the selected Teams for the WSC and the Sudoku Mahabharat playoffs winners.

It was a wonderful weekend for the Sudoku and Puzzle enthusiasts across the country. The Sudokus across the four rounds were of high quality and challenging in general. Thanks to Prasanna and LMI for organization of the event and collaborating with different authors across the world for the National championships. I really enjoyed the event even though my performance was below par in the rounds especially a disastrous fourth round. The recreational event Classic Sudoku Mahabharat has an encouraging format with everyone taking part. This can be improved by involving the audience in some format like handing over some of the puzzle sheets till the Quarter finals so that this may keep them engaged. As suggested earlier, we can rework on the schedule.

Thanks to LMI for finalizing Chennai as the venue for the second successive year and this gives us confidence to organize more events in the city. Thanks to all participants who came to Chennai all the way from different parts of the country and made the event successful. We hope you had a great time here. Do share your feedback on the event, suggestions for improvements for our introspection of the event and these suggestions will be points to be noted for future hosts as well.

Looking forward to the next edition of ISC and Sudoku Mahabharat, probably in a new venue. :-)
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bardambod posted @ 2017-10-03 2:27 PM

new puzzel please
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