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Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16
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Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-17 9:15 AM (#21765 - in reply to #18769) (#21765) Top

PR 2020 (Shading and Loops) Author

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Nice Photos. Congrats to Winners.
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-18 7:23 AM (#21769 - in reply to #18769) (#21769) Top

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It was fun, fun al the way.
Really I enjoyed the two days at Indian Sudoku and Puzzle Championships.
Thanks to Prasanna and Deb for organizing and coming up with great set of Puzzles; Special mention to the Surprise package Six or Half Dozen. I enjoyed this set more, Interestingly I scored well here.
Thanks to Varun, Rakesh Rai, Kishore, Ezhil, Ravichndran, Kumareshan, Ashish and other Chennai team members, sorry I could not remember the names for the dedicated and hard work put in.
Thanks to Mr. Vivek Jain and Sai karthic for sharing the room and spend some quality time with me.
The dinner on Saturday night was a special one.
Finally thanks to Amit for the little fun with card game at Chennai mall.
Congratulation to all winners.
I am sure those missed the lost a lot of fun and enjoyment.
Thanks to all other participants and volunteers too.
Eagerly Looking forward to the finals of the 2016/17 edition.
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-19 11:06 AM (#21778 - in reply to #21769) (#21778) Top

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Thanks Devarajan for the nice review. Glad that you had a great time here in Chennai. :-)
Hemant Kr Malani
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 10:44 AM (#21780 - in reply to #18769) (#21780) Top

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I had a great time at the two day event. Right from soup to nuts everything was amazing. Thanks to Prasanna, Deb, Varun, Rakesh sir, Ezhil, Ravi sir, Kumatesan sir, Ashish Kr and others for such a great event.
It was my first time at an offline event in India. I really enjoyed meeting so many great people together.
For the 1st time I participated in any Puzzle competition. The puzzles were really very interesting. Though I didn't have practise in puzzles and could not perform very well there the amazing set of puzzles have increased my interest in them.

My parents were very tensed about my going to a new city alone. But the Chennaiyans helped me a lot with that and I hardly faced any problem. Thanks a lot for that.
I also enjoyed the board game brought by Amit and the dinner thereafter.
Last but not the least, the special prize for U-21 was really amazing. Thanks a lot to Rohan for that.
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 1:25 PM (#21781 - in reply to #21780) (#21781) Top

SM 2020 (Math) Author

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The finals of SM and PR was a very enriching experience for me both as a participant and as one of the main organizers from the Chennai side.I am really glad that we could host the event without any hiccups and for the participants having fun time during the 2 days.Felicitations to Deb and Prasanna for the beautiful sudokus/puzzles during the contest and for the recreation round on both days which made sure that the steam of the event was not lost one bit even by the end of the day.Kudos to the 'super' juniors Pranav who knocked out Rohan in the Classic sudoku master and to Kartik for completing the Domino round first along with Harmeet.
Though I am slightly disappointed that I didn't put up a better performance in Round 4 of SM which would have given me a second,I am happy to have made the India A-Team along with Prasanna,Rohan and Rakesh .On the puzzle front ,I am satisfied with my show not to mention that it could have been way better too had it not been for the 100 or so points that I lost in silly errors.Special thanks to Deb for the bonus Goliath 18 grid interlinked Classic sudoku and to Prasanna for the coded 8 grid puzzle respectively both of which I am yet to solve :) .Hope to see you all soon !!

Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 5:52 PM (#21782 - in reply to #18769) (#21782) Top

SM 2020 (Math) Author

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I had the most wonderful weekend of the year so far. Really loved the two days of sudoku and puzzle solving. Unlike last year when I was leading after the first two rounds and messed up rounds 3 & 4, this year was just the opposite. I faltered badly in rounds 1 & 2 and did extremely well in round 3 which I never expected. The 4th round was a masterstroke by Deb and Prasanna . I had expected myself to be in top 3 in Sudoku Mahabharata and in top 10 of ISC which I accomplished.
Play-offs was also a nice experience. Having a lead of 30 seconds & 1 minute respectively over harmeet and gaurav helped me keep my cool . Luckily, I didn't make any mistakes in the play-offs and was declared the winner. Well played Gaurav & Harmeet.
Classic Sudoku master was very nice. Unfortunately, I had to face Rohan in the second round itself and I just broke the puzzle. Pranav did amazingly well by knocking Rohan out. Congrats to Kishore for winning the title and to Rakesh for finishing runner up.
Thanks Deb and Prasanna for the lovely sudokus and the people of Chennai for organising the event so well. Last but not the least , thanks to most of the solvers for simultaneously messing up their 3rd round :)
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 9:45 PM (#21783 - in reply to #18769) (#21783) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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Results of the Indian Sudoku Championship 2016

Results of Sudoku Mahabharat 2016

Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 9:47 PM (#21784 - in reply to #18769) (#21784) Top

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Will the puzzle booklet be available online?
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-20 10:00 PM (#21786 - in reply to #21784) (#21786) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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witty - 2016-07-20 9:47 PM

Will the puzzle booklet be available online?

The entire content (there is a significant amount of content considering some 'extras') of the offline finals will be on sale within the next two days as PDFs. We are deciding on the pricing.
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-21 2:08 PM (#21791 - in reply to #21786) (#21791) Top

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On behalf of the Chennai Organizing team, we would like to thank Deb, Prasanna and LMI for finalizing Chennai as the venue for the second edition of Sudoku Mahabharat and first edition of Puzzle Ramayan finals. We were initially sceptical on the turnout due to the distance and other factors. But we decided we will go ahead and host it in Chennai this time so that the game grows in other parts of the country.

Thanks to all the participants of SM and PR finals, who made it to Chennai, supported us and made the event a success. The two days were a wonderful experience with interaction with new people from different parts of the country This creates a great atmosphere for all of us to meet annually for an event and share a platform for our common passion. We hope you had a great time in here and travelled back with great memories. Do share your reviews/feedbacks in the Forum and it will be helpful for our introspection as well as for future hosts.

Thanks to Deb and Prasanna for the wonderful set of sudokus and puzzles across the two days along with Surprises like Round 4 in SM, Recreation rounds, Limca book of Records event. Special thanks for the mammoth linked classics and inter-linked puzzle.

Thanks to the Chennai team - Rakesh, Kumaresan, Ravichandran, Kishore, Ashish, Shaheer, Ezhilarasi. It was a great team effort right from the start. This will definitely give us confidence to host more events locally as well as nationally.

Looking forward to the next edition of the event, probably in a new venue. :-)
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-26 6:04 PM (#21805 - in reply to #18769) (#21805) Top

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I want to share that this was such a great event,wonderfully well planned and hosted by Prasanna and Deb.Congratulations to Rohan,Rakesh and Kishore for being selected to the indian team for wsc(as expected)and also to Amit for ipc.And also congrats to Hemant and kartik for fine showings and to akash for having a great event,winning sm and finishing 6th in Isc and 4th in ipc.Congrats Ashish for winning pr.I personally am disappointed with my performance ,but having had virtually no preparation,I could do little,messing up the samurai round so badly..Wish I could have made it to Pr,but was unable to.Nevertheless,a fantastic sudoku set with the right mix of difficulty and a great surprise element,which I really enjoyed solving after the event.Also glad I could do well in classic sudoku master.Thanks to everyone for making this an unforgettable event for me and good luck to all participants for tsc and sm 2017
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-07-28 2:13 PM (#21811 - in reply to #18769) (#21811) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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SM Finals Content on Sale

The entire content of Sudoku Mahabharat Finals is now available for sale as online PDF booklets for anyone interested. The pricing is Rs. 400 for Indian solvers and $ 9 for International solvers. All Sudokus are authored by Deb Mohanty and me. Indians must transfer to the LMI account (details provided below) and Internationals can transfer via PayPal to prasanna16391@gmail.com since the LMI account isn't tied to PayPal yet. Either way, please drop me a mail (same id as the PayPal one) once the transfer is done with some reference details.

LMI account:
Current Account
Syndicate Bank
IFSC: SYNB0000493

The content that you will get includes:
* Round 1 - 12 Classic Sudokus and Solutions.
* Round 2 - 8 Variant Sudokus and Solutions. The variants are Diagonal, Quadruple, Odd Sum Pair, Sum Frame, Skyscrapers, Mirror, Consecutive and Overlapping Irregular, one each from the 8 different online Sudoku Mahabharat rounds.
* Round 3 - 2 Samurai Sudokus and Solutions. The first Samurai is a Classic throughout, and the second Samurai contains Odd, Extra Region, Thermo and Irregular with a Classic in the middle.
* Round 4 - 16 6x6 Sudokus and Solutions. 2 each of Classics, Pencil Marks, Renban, Odd Even Count, Killer, Equal Product, X Sums and Kropki. This round featured an interesting twist. Since it was a surprise for participants, there is no more information about it.
* Round 5 - 6 Classic Sudokus and Solutions.
* Sudoku Mahabharat Top 5 Playoff Sudokus - Classic, Extra Region, Untouch, Classic, Diagonal, Anti-Knight, and Solutions.
* Indian Sudoku Championship Trophy Sudokus - 3 Classic Sudokus themed on 1, 2 and 3 which were then designed on the trophies presented to the winners.
* Sudoku Gift - 18-grid Classic Samurai Sudoku and Solution.

Our $ 6 patrons will be receiving this content over the next month or so.
We have a similar sale of Puzzle Ramayan content. Please check out the details for that here - http://logicmastersindia.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1014&...

Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2016-08-02 7:00 PM (#21828 - in reply to #21811) (#21828) Top

Location: India
The first refusal (i.e. as long as they confirm participation, they are in) selections for Indian team A for WSC is as follows:

India - A
Prasanna Seshadri
Rohan Rao
Rakesh Rai
Kishore Kumar
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2017-05-06 11:31 AM (#22913 - in reply to #21811) (#22913) Top

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Is there any way to still buy this content?
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2015-16 @ 2017-05-06 2:59 PM (#22916 - in reply to #18769) (#22916) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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Yes you can follow the same procedure described above and purchase it.
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