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Yajilin Yacht (28th Jul - 17th Aug) has started Discuss
LMI is conducting the 8th edition of Sudoku Mahabharat, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Sudoku Championship, from February to May 2022. Read more here.
LMI is conducting the 7th edition of Puzzle Ramayan, which also serve as qualifiers for Indian Puzzle Championship, from February to June 2022. Read more here.


Indian Sudoku Champion 2021

Rohan Rao

Indian Puzzle Champion 2021

Prasanna Seshadri

Sudoku Mahabharat Winner 2021

Nityant Agarwal

Puzzle Ramayan Winner 2021

Nityant Agarwal
Welcome to Logic Masters India

Welcome to the homepage of the Indian puzzle and sudoku teams. Get started by registering here and checking out our past contests here once you do. To know more about us and our events, read further.

If you have an inclination towards puzzle solving and have the ambition of representing India at the World Championships for Puzzles and Sudoku then you have come to the right place.

We, at Logic Masters are responsible for selecting the national teams for the World Puzzle and Sudoku Championships. The group aims at encouraging puzzle solving activities in India.

We aim to find and hone talent from the deep ends of India and nurture the dream to see India finish at the podium. With this goal we have been organizing various puzzle competitions to recognize talent within the country. Go ahead, explore and unlock the mysterious world of puzzles !!

International Events Organized On/By LMI

WSPC 2017 - 15th to 22nd October 2017
WS_PLUS_PC 2021 - 12th to 22nd November 2021

Major Upcoming/Ongoing Events

Puzzle Ramayan 2022 - 11th February to 22nd June
Sudoku Mahabharat 2022 - 25th February to 1st June
Indian Puzzle & Sudoku Championships 2022 - 20th and 21st August

LMI Content Sharing All creative content published at LMI in the form of monthly tests and other contests can be downloaded, and distributed for any non-commercial purpose. However , if the content is required for commercial use, LMI must be contacted and a written letter of permission must be procured before any such use. All content are copyrighted to the respective authors who created the content and LMI will only allow commercial use if the authors approve the same.

You may ask any queries on the forum, but before doing so, we request you to read F.A.Q.

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Logic Masters India (LMI) is the Indian representative of World Puzzle Federation. Read more about LMI here
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