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Ziti posted @ 2020-04-09 4:46 AM

 What was your opinion of the distribution of easy/hard puzzles? Just right
 What did you think about the puzzle quality of the test? Fairly Nice
 Which set of puzzles did you like the most? Little Killer Sudoku
 Of the puzzles you solved/attempted, how well did the point values reflect the difficulty? Most puzzles were worth the right amount

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kishy72 posted @ 2020-04-09 2:06 PM

Math round of Sudoku Mahabharat has ended.A total of 41 completed the set and many had come close to finishing the set.Congrats !

As most of you had noted, Little Killer (9X9) is a hard sudoku and is without doubt the toughest of the set.I hope the points allotted justified the same.The solve path is very narrow.Rakesh liked it very much after test solving and in the end preferred it over Mathrax which was also in the pool of sudokus but did not make the final cut. The decision to include LK seems to be correct as most of the other sudokus were of a manageable difficulty level and solvers had to really overcome this tough sudoku to finish the set.

I hope everyone had fun solving the sudokus and thank you to all who had given their feedback ! Thanks to Akash for contributing the bulk of sudokus and to Rakesh for running things smoothly behind the screen without any hiccups !!
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Administrator posted @ 2020-04-09 2:18 PM

Congratulations to Jakub Ondrousek, Tantan Dai and Kota Morinishi for taking the top three places. Fourth successive SM win for Jakub in 2020!

Thanks to the 377 participants from 41 countries. Sinchai Rungsangrattanakul (Thailand) was the first to start the test and Stephanie D' Souza (India) was the last person to start the test. As noted by Kishore, 41 participants completed the set within the allotted time, and 359 participants (95.23%) scored non-zero points. The median score of the test was 45.

Also noticed that Para edged Pranavmanu for 18th place by (approximately) 0.0000009 seconds.

Top 3 for countries with 10+ participants:

India(138): Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao and Rishi Puri
Japan(27): Endo Ken, Hideaki Jo and Takuya Sugimoto (2nd-4th)
USA (21): Jason Zuffranieri, Jenna Rivet and Todd Geldon
Italy(19): Giulia Cossutti, Stefano Forcolin and Chiara Nuzio
Poland(17): Jan Mrozowski, Tomasz Strozak and Krystian Swiderski
France(16): Timothy Doyle, Yannick MEYAPIN and Denis Auroux
Germany(15): Michael Ley, Robert Vollmert and Silke Berendes
Slovakia (11): Natalia Chanova, Katarina Simonovicova and Veronika Kolvekova
Korea (10): Seungjae Kwak, Hwangrae Lee and Eo Heong Mat

Thanks Akash Doulani and Kishore Kumar for the sudokus!

Participants may share feedback on the results page and rate the puzzles on the contest page.
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akash.doulani posted @ 2020-04-09 3:06 PM

Congratulations to Jakub , Tantan & Kota for finishing in top 3 and also Prasanna , Rohan & RIshi for taking the top 3 spots among the Indians.

Coming back to the sudokus , I had created 6 variants and Kishore created 2. Out of this 4 of mine were selected and 1 of Kishore's was selected. My little killer lost out to Kishore's little killer ( for obvious reason - although very difficult , it was a beautiful puzzle ). Kishore had also made a Mathrax but that was too difficult to be included . Two of my sudokus that did not make it were Little killer and Group sum ( you can find them on my blog ).

You must have noticed that all the grids were numberless. I wanted the theme of the test to be Numberless and asked Kishore to create keeping this in mind. I hope we succeeded in creating a good set. As an author , my personal favourite was 9x9 Killer. Kindly share your feedback on the forum.

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Administrator posted @ 2020-04-10 6:32 PM

The Solution Booklet is now available here.
Math - 3rd to 8th Apr - Sudoku Mahabharat & ISC Qualifier 202055 posts • Page 3 of 3 • 1 2 3
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