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anurag posted @ 2012-08-27 11:38 AM

The site does not show elapsed time the way i wanted( i forgot to note the start time and had to rely on the site).I found some of the puzzles pointlessly tedious after getting more than half-way through and then having to backtrack.Packing for croatia and pentahouses were two of those.I think pentahouses had too few clues to pick the right pieces for the edges and corners. Space probes was satisfying though i had to erase here too.Math flip was the most enjoyable.tren was a smooth solve,but I made a teribble oversight in the end on the right half,only to realize after the test(didnt know when the test finished anyway). I fail to understand why it lets you submit endlessly.I hate doing spot the differences.It is annoying for that point value.Frozen pentominos was another great solve.

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puzzlemad posted @ 2012-08-27 12:12 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the test - completed at the "official start time" - so the timer was fine for me. All the ones I did generally worked fine for me - a few quick abandons. Gapped Kakuro annoyed me at the time as I got a bit done, then couldn't see the next move. Went back to it last night - saw the next move virtually immediately and completed. Thanks to all concerned.
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prasanna16391 posted @ 2012-08-27 1:03 PM

Just finished most of the set. I like Pentahouses, Space Probes, Tren, Musketeer Sudoku and Frozen Pentominos as my favorite 5. Gapped Kakuro, Tapa, were good too. Its unfortunate I couldn't evaluate myself well during the test.
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PuzzleScot posted @ 2012-08-27 2:28 PM

If anyone has post-USPC blues, or are on a high needing another puzzling fix, the UKPC is still open for entries until 23:00 GMT today (Monday 27/8/12). 2.5 hrs duration http://www.ukpuzzles.org/contests.php?contestid=29
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forcolin posted @ 2012-08-27 5:05 PM

There is always room for improvement but I am decently happy with my tally of 201. Thanks to the organizers for the contest and congratulations to Thomas for his return to the top.
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davmillar posted @ 2012-08-28 4:41 AM

39 assuming no errors. Creating puzzles is my thing - solving not so much.
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Ours brun

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Ours brun posted @ 2012-08-28 4:44 PM

248 if I did not miss anything. I screwed several puzzles and clearly could have done better, so I take it as a good sign for the future.

Thanks to the authors and organizers. Some puzzles were very nice. As Thomas said, Complementary Domains is clearly a good (better) alternative to Four Winds. I would be pleased to see some more in the future. Multiplicative corral was a fun and quite easy solve, Sudoku was a superb example of its type, Tren was very good too although I did not solve it during the test, being far from confident after having repeatedly screwed one the day before. Pentahouses was great, the idea was very well exploited and it flowed nicely. Nice Space Probes too, that I am happy to have been able to solve logically. Frozen pentominoes I did only after the test, but I probably should have given it a try. Snail's Nest, Gapped Kakuro and Fences Variation were brilliant and Musketeer sudoku was of a very neat conception.

Now eagerly waiting for the USSC, that I hope to enjoy as much.
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forcolin posted @ 2012-09-04 12:41 AM

any idea when the results will be posted? the contest occurred 10 days ago...
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Administrator posted @ 2012-09-04 2:41 PM

forcolin - 2012-09-04 12:41 AM

any idea when the results will be posted? the contest occurred 10 days ago...

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