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A Carton Mutant

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A Carton Mutant posted @ 2011-05-17 1:58 AM

Hi jhrdina, you're welcome! I hope to return with another set someday. :)

Oh, I was afraid of that interpretation actually. It should have been "enter lengths separated by lines" or something similar for clarity. Your answer is technically correct. I'll try to get you points for that (it's just that I myself can't give points :) )
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MellowMelon posted @ 2011-05-17 6:40 AM

Thanks for the congratulations, and thanks again for a great test. Re deu's comment about getting on the podium: although I haven't been playing here too long, I think that's how a lot of us feel dealing with you, motris and uvo. On Twist I had felt like I had a great run upon finishing, but it wasn't enough to beat any of you. :(

For the Clone Battle, the low solving statistics may be the fact that it was at the end of the test, combined with the intimidation of four grids to consider. None of the steps were particularly tricky, although noticing them could take awhile. My memory is not precise, but I think there was one nonobvious step in the beginning involving finding two disjoint rooms in the two rightmost columns (the catch being that the rooms were in different grids) to get some X's, and everything afterwards seemed to be standard Star Battle with grid hopping. That said, it did eat up a lot of time.

Superimposed Loop is the puzzle that actually got me. I only solved it with a lucky guess - perhaps it's karma that I went on to miscount one of the grids. Ambigram Skyscrapers too, although I did get that one logically... just had to spend 20-30 minutes on it.
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Administrator posted @ 2011-05-17 11:01 AM

jhrdina - 2011-05-17 1:32 AM

Murat, thanks for interesting set of puzzles. I still have some left overs to finish though :-)
I hope to see some more puzzles from you in future!

Just a question to results. I have realized that I have misunderstood the answer key for spiral galaxies. Instead of 2,1,2,1,2,1 for 5th row of the first grid I have sent 6,1,1,1 based on the requirement to enter lengths of 'different' shapes. So I have added the three parts that belong to one shape. Can you consider that as valid answer? Not that it matters much, I had fun anyway.
You should see the credits now.

Request to everyone - Please try to settle the point claims as soon as you complete the test.
Lot of manual work (e.g. LMI Ratings computation, UKPA ratings computation) is done immediately after the test is over.
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jhrdina posted @ 2011-05-18 3:25 AM

Thanks guys for the points. Still at the bottom, but feeling much better now :-)) J.
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