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tushhr - 2023-01-28 12:43 PM

Hey, for the rules of the cave, it's written that...
"Clues cannot be shaded, and represent the total number of unshaded cells that can be seen in a straight line vertically or horizontally, including itself."

This line is soo confusing, I thought its like "total number of unshaded cells" in "a" straight line "vertically "or" horizontally", which is completely wrong and after spending 5 mins into the puzzles, I knew that there is something wrong but I don't know what it is.. until I went into the archive puzzles and find out this line, which resolves my confusion... and is quite clear

"Each number indicates the total count of cells connected vertically "and" horizontally to the numbered cell including the cell itself. "

It should be "and" instead of "or" I guess, or maybe choosing the right set of words.. or maybe it's my fault, as I was playing cave for the very first time (and surprisingly the instruction booklet example was solvable with the definition I deduce) but I just hope you guys understand the confusion here and use a simpler and explanatory definition going forward.


It's a fair point. I'll try to keep it in mind in the future. Sorry for the confusion caused!
Classics - 13th - 19th Jan 2023 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier 202314 posts • Page 1 of 1 • 1
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