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swaroop2011 posted @ 2021-12-19 8:27 PM

Thank you to all the organizers, testers, authors for a great event. Congrats to Prasanna and Rohan for the podium finish. Congrats to Nityant, Harsh, and Mihir for winning PR.

Puzzles were excellent and still need to solve many of them, so will provide the favorites later.

I rather had a terrible day, Starting with Round 1 - I went for Canal View at the start and it backfired. I was making some constant mistakes and after 30 minutes of solving I gave up with the fear of scoring 0 in the round. I then started solving the remaining puzzles. I guess the blessing is I still could get a few decent points in 30 min.
Round 2 went much better. Round 3 again was a miss with 4 broken puzzles left unsolved at the end (Double Cross, Scrin, Hebi Ichigo, Nemo).

I am happy that I could still make it to the podium.

Some nitty-gritty, I for some reason thought R3 was 90 minutes because all the R3 pages in the IB had 90 minutes written on them, and was wondering how the timer went so fast during the contest (haha), but none the less smooth event with speedy results after each round.

Looking forward to next year's event.
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prasanna16391 posted @ 2021-12-20 3:37 AM

This was a lot of fun!

Thank you very much to the authors and organizers. I know how difficult it is to organize these events, and it is especially difficult to pull up the motivation to do so with all that's going on in the world. Both ISC and IPC went smoothly. I suppose there were very minor things (like the 80 vs 90 minutes discrepancy in Round 3 which I honestly didn't notice till later) but the overall experience has been fun, and much appreciated.

Congrats to Rohan and Swaroop for their podium finishes.

Wonderful performance from Nityant, its been a joy to see his development over the last year or so, both as a solver and an author. Congrats to him and to Harsh and Mihir as well. I got to know that this was Mihir's first IPC which makes the finish all the more impressive.

On a personal note, I did mess up one puzzle each in the first two rounds, but thankfully managed to eventually solve both correctly. The Heterocut especially gave me trouble, entirely through my own error of swapping R4C4 and R5C5 for greatest and least (the puzzle still solves the right side and the top and only breaks coming through into the left and bottom). I was happy to have at least round 3 go smoothly.

The puzzle quality in general was fantastic. Some of the themes, especially the ones on the last 2 puzzles, were really nice.

Personally I'm neutral on this year's format vs last year's but I hope the discussion point becomes irrelevant and we are able to meet for an offline event instead next time :)
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Nityant posted @ 2021-12-22 1:06 PM

Thank you to all the authors, testers, and organizers for putting this together.
I'm glad this event was online because I wouldn't have been able to travel for this event (or ISC)
All the puzzles that I could solve were very fun and top quality.
Congratulations to all the winners!
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ABcDexter posted @ 2021-12-22 3:13 PM

Kudos to all the people involved in the IPC and the winners :D

I personally could have done better, broke Canal view and a couple more puzzles...
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muaroivt1998 posted @ 2021-12-23 2:29 PM

Mastermind round 1 seems to be have an answer: 61074? and akari puzzle seems to have more than 2 answers.
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Anakarmelic posted @ 2022-01-06 2:50 AM

Please, can you put solutions for indian puzzles?
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