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priyambhushan posted @ 2020-04-25 1:44 AM

gaurav.kjain - 2020-04-23 4:46 PM

I finished all the puzzles later even though my performance was not good. Points distribution could be better. I have started enjoying puzzles lot now than earlier. This may be after solving group which helped in understanding and the idea of having focused group on single round was awesome and helpful. Thanks Priyam and Prasanna for initiative. I wish we could do same thing for each round. This is so much so I am waiting for next GP/PR round now.
The logic on Magnetic fields-Highest pointer was amazing and being author helps to decode those logic fast. Solved Anglers first time, they look numberlink to me with additional length constraint and could solve them without much trouble
Magnet 10 pointer, I could have submitted but I think answer key is very complicated, I wrongly entered in hurry and missed it, I like GP option where there is option given even to put P/N. I think we make answer keys easy and that should be worked upon.
I like skyscrapers highest pointer a lot, Priyam, I think this is your creation and it doesn't seem from 1st time author.
My other favorite puzzles [As i solved almost all offline] in no particular order

-- Skyscraper - Highest pointer
-- Hashi - 4 pointer
-- Magnet - 10 pointer
-- Anglers - 4 pointer, 8 pointer
-- All Exploratory puzzles -- I think they were just having awesome logic and wonderful creation

Thanks Priyam and Prasanna for the wonderful test.

It is very encouraging to hear that the practice puzzles and tips helped out any and all PR participants, and led you to liking puzzles more!
Thank you for your kind words about my puzzles :)
Keep puzzling!
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Zabagui posted @ 2020-11-11 3:21 PM

I do not find the password anymore :-(
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