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Classics - 24th - 28th Jan 2020 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier 2020
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Subject: Re: Classics - 24th - 28th Jan 2020 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier 2020 @ 2020-01-30 1:29 AM (#27528 - in reply to #27527) (#27528) Top

Location: India
Congratulations to Kota Morinishi, Endo Ken, Michael Ley and Nikola Zivanovic for taking the top four places.

Thanks to the 348 participants from 39 countries. Manuela Hawel (Austria) was the first to start the test while Mihir Yadav (India) was the last person to start the test. 56 participants completed the set within the allotted time. The median score of the test was 60.

Top finishers for countries with 10+ participants:

India(84): Prasanna Seshadri, Rohan Rao, Ashish Kumar and Pranav Kamesh
USA(34): William Blatt, Anderson Wang and Jason Zuffranieri
Japan(27): Kota Morinishi, Endo Ken and Hideaki Jo
Germany(17): Michael Ley, Martin Merker and Robert Vollmert
Italy(15): Giuliano Montelucci, Stefano Forcolin and Giorgia Benassi
UK(14): Neil Zussman, Freddie Hand and Sam Cappleman-Lynes
France(14): Anne Limoges, Denis Auroux and Arnaud Dumont
Poland(12): Tomasz Skalski, Kristian Swiderski and Anna W?sowska
Czech Republic(11): Jakub Ondroušek, Jana Vodi?ková and Jan Vondruška
Slovakia(10): Peter Hudak, Marek Kasar and Matej Uher
Korea(10): Choi Yong Seok, Pear Kim and Min Young Joo

Thanks Rakesh Rai for the puzzles!

Participants may share feedback on the results page and rate the puzzles on the contest page.
An LMI player
Subject: Re: Classics - 24th - 28th Jan 2020 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier 2020 @ 2020-02-03 9:20 PM (#27546 - in reply to #27454) (#27546) Top

 What was your opinion of the distribution of easy/hard puzzles? Just right
 What did you think about the puzzle quality of the test? Very nice
 Which set of puzzles did you like the most? Kakurodoku
 What was your opinion about the answer key extraction? Mostly perfect answer keys
 Of the puzzles you solved/attempted, how well did the point values reflect the difficulty? Most puzzles were worth the right amount
 What was your opinion of the booklet formatting and printing? Just right

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