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Indian Sudoku Championship 2021 (12th December) Discuss

Sudoku Mahabharat - 2019
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Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2019 @ 2019-07-28 12:31 PM (#27181 - in reply to #26287) (#27181) Top

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- Some of us left in a hurry, and didn’t get a chance to thank the organisers, myself included. Kudos to Akash, Ashish, Rakesh, Sumit (and all other authors, testers, organisers and volunteers) for donning the organisers’ hat and making the event successful. I particularly enjoyed the IPC, one of the best in the last 10 years. And as always it was wonderful to meet the puzzle community in India and hope this grows in the coming years.

- I discussed with some people that we could have the Saturday evening plan as part of the event schedule, where the organisers can arrange some space for board games and casual socialising. We anyway end up doing it every year and if it is arranged, it will be very convenient and can also encourage more people to be part of it. It is also one of the best times to interact with some of the new participants.

- This year we didn’t have a round of introductions before starting the event. I know 80-90% are common, but I think it’s a good simple and short 15-min session where we all get to say something about ourselves and get to know each person by name.

- It’s unfortunate that a round had to be cancelled last two years (for very different reasons). In case it helps, Deb followed a strict rule that AFTER the final PB is prepared, it would be printed and test solved by a tester and only after that do the final printing. That helps in formatting issues (like last page puzzles) and printing errors. Of course, only if time permits.

- I think the SM/PR playoffs and CSM/PZ events are wonderful and should continue. The size of the flex puzzles were very appropriate this time but maybe using thinner markers would be better. The large grids on flex in some of the previous years is inconvenient.
This is feedback from the folks who solved on flex since I didn’t.

- The venue hall was good, especially considering the change. Better than last year.

- Lastly (and this is personal, can be ignored) I vote for ISPC and not IPSC for no particular reason except that it mimics the WSPC order :-)
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2019 @ 2019-08-08 1:01 PM (#27211 - in reply to #26287) (#27211) Top

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