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Connected Puzzles - 25th - 29th Jan 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier
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Subject: Re: Connected Puzzles - 25th - 29th Jan 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier @ 2019-02-21 6:40 PM (#26663 - in reply to #26467) (#26663) Top

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Might be a bit late to add my thoughts here but I thought a week in that it might be better bringing it up again when PR comes back around. Thank you to everyone for all your feedback. I think the general tone has been somewhere between liking the new theme and the consideration that it might be too hard for PR.

The reason I am bringing this up is it is relevant to how we see PR in general. I think that it is meant to be a gateway contest series for Indian beginners to prepare for the Indian Championship and eventually the World Championship. This means it needs to give solvers a level of basic preparation for higher levels while also providing approachable levels of difficulty.

There are exceptions but I think overall the results show that the difficulty was definitely at an approachable level for beginners. This does not necessarily mean beginners should finish the contest, but that everyone should have at least some puzzles to realistically attempt in their contest period and I think that was achieved here.

So I'd like to add beyond that that at the higher levels, there aren't always rounds you are comfortable with. I personally think experimenting for 1-2 rounds during the online segment is a very good thing to do to showcase the different things that can be done at those levels - if anything it is a very safe space to learn new things because solvers can discard a round or two in terms of results. I think for someone getting into puzzle contests, 4-5 rounds of optimum performance and 1-2 rounds of learning new things is a good balance to have.

This is all to say that in my opinion at least we should continue having 1-2 rounds that push the envelope a bit - someone suggested Liar puzzles, which sounds like a cool idea to do as well for instance :)

Once again, thanks to everyone for the feedback. All the best for the remainder of the series!
Subject: Re: Connected Puzzles - 25th - 29th Jan 2019 - Puzzle Ramayan & IPC Qualifier @ 2019-02-21 7:01 PM (#26664 - in reply to #26467) (#26664) Top

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