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Dutch Sudoku Championship 10th of June 2014
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Subject: Dutch Sudoku Championship 10th of June 2014 @ 2014-06-04 10:12 AM (#15662) (#15662) Top

WCPN Author

Posts: 191
Location: Netherlands
Recently I have informed you about the erection of WCPN - World Class Puzzles from the Netherlands. It is the official Dutch puzzle association. Apart from our daily puzzles on our website, we worked hard to prepare national puzzle and sudoku championships too.
We are very proud to announce our sudoku championship on Tuesday, 10th of June 20.00 - 22.00 PM CET.
International participation is warm welcomed. So if you would like to have a few hours of sudoku fun, this is a good opportunity!

The instruction booklet can be found here. Click on WCPN NK Sudoku 2014 instructies.

The sudokus are written by me. (Hans Eendebak has written the puzzles of the Puzzle championship that will be held one week later; I'll write a forum message for it too).
Since the instructions are in Dutch, I will give a brief translation of the types:
Puzzles 1~4: Classic Sudokus
5. Sudoku 13579: Odd sudoku; grey cells contain odd digits.
6. Sudoku +1: Standard Consecutive; all dots are given.
7. Killer sudoku: Standard Killer.
8. Sudoku Chaos: Standard irregular.
9. X-sommen sudoku: Scattered X-sums sudoku (1 to 7); Clues are sum of first X digits. X is first digit.
10. Positiesudoku: Position sudoku; Clues outside indicate position of highest digit in first 3 cells.
11. Buursudoku: Next to nine; clues outside are direct neighbour(s) of 9 in respective row/column
12. Sudoku 1-9: Numbers outside are sum of digits between 1 and 9 in respective row/column
13. Chaos windoku: Standard irregular + windoku
14. Oneven labyrint: Odd labyrinth; there is at least one path of odd digits from top left to bottom right that travels horizontally / vertically only.
15. Renban sudoku: standard renban
16. Pijlsudoku: arrow sudoku with the sum of digits in the point of the arrow.

The answer form can be found here. You have to send back the form within two hours!

If you still have any question, don't hesitate to ask, either here in the forum or as a PM.

Have fun and good luck!

Subject: Re: Dutch Sudoku Championship 10th of June 2014 @ 2014-06-04 12:03 PM (#15663 - in reply to #15662) (#15663) Top

WSPC Organizer

Posts: 525
Location: India
Thanks Richard for this information. Can you please confirm the Time Zone. Can you please confirm if it is CET or CEST (Summer Time)?
Is there any plan to open this championship for more time as this time will be mid night in India?

Subject: Re: Dutch Sudoku Championship 10th of June 2014 @ 2014-06-04 2:46 PM (#15665 - in reply to #15663) (#15665) Top

WCPN Author

Posts: 191
Location: Netherlands
Unfortunately our website is not so sophisticated (yet) that it is possible to keep track of one's time spend. At eight o'clock local time the file is released and we can't check who has opened it or not. You don't need to be logged in or something to start.
So: the competition time is limited between 20.00 and 22.00 pm CEST. The puzzle file will be available after that for a while, so you can solve all puzzles afterwards, without time pressure.
Subject: Re: Dutch Sudoku Championship 10th of June 2014 @ 2014-06-13 12:34 AM (#15720 - in reply to #15665) (#15720) Top

WCPN Author

Posts: 191
Location: Netherlands
The results are made public now:
Top 3 Netherlands:
1. Bram de Laat
2. Karin Griffioen
3. Wilbert Zwart

Top 3 international:
1. Nicola Zivanovic
2. Jakub Ondrousek
3. Yuhui Kusui

Congratulations to all and thanks for participating!
All results + puzzles and solutions can be found on our website www.wcpn.nl
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