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AndreyBogdanov posted @ 2017-03-01 1:50 PM

Congratulations to Endo, Kota and Takuya for the podium!
Thank to all participants. Additional thank for the feedback - it's always quite useful to read comments even if it is negative.

The idea and most puzzles are created by Ivan Laptiev - this is his first experience as a puzzlemaker and I think he succeeded. Yes, puzzles required quite a few of summation and counting, but this was supposed by the theme. Surprisingly many strong solvers don't like math :)
Puzzles seems to be a bit too hard, but luckily Endo "rescue" the contest and solve all of them. Definitely preliminary preparation (for example writing down a list of sequences containing three-four members) can help a lot with this contest. Non integral "fattiness" could be a surprise, but the hint was in the file password.
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WA1729 posted @ 2017-03-02 2:31 AM

 How well did you like the theme of the contest? I really liked the theme
 What was your opinion of the distribution of easy/hard puzzles? Just right
 What did you think about the puzzle quality of the test? Fairly Nice
 Which set of puzzles did you like the most? Tapa
 What was your opinion about the answer key extraction? Perfect answer keys
 Of the puzzles you solved/attempted, how well did the point values reflect the difficulty? Most puzzles were worth the right amount
 What was your opinion of the booklet formatting and printing? Just right


Both Tapas
Samurai Sudoku
Hidato 2

Thanks for a great test! I liked the theme behind this one and felt that it led to interesting puzzles. I made some guesses on a few of the puzzles so I'll have to look at them later.

Snowmen - LMI February Puzzle Test - 24th to 27th Feb27 posts • Page 2 of 2 • 1 2
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