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Loop puzzles (where all cells are not visited)
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Method 1 : Lengths of horizontal line segments in marked rowsdebmohanty4 Votes - [33.33%]
Method 2 : # of 90 degree turns in marked rowsdebmohanty0 Votes - [0%]
Method 3 : # of unused cells in marked / all rowsdebmohanty2 Votes - [16.67%]
Method 4 : Enter the letters in order as visited by the loop, starting from A, moving clockwisedebmohanty6 Votes - [50%]
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@ 2012-12-15 5:28 PM (#9131 - in reply to #9130) (#9131) Top


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prasanna16391 posted @ 2012-12-15 5:28 PM

chaotic_iak - 2012-12-15 1:09 PM

prasanna16391 - 2012-12-14 2:57 PM

I'm ok with letters only if they're required in isolation rather than entering a string.

Sorry, what? I don't quite get what you mean here.

If I'm a solver, I'd rather enter just a letter for a cell (For example the Easy As Cup puzzle in the recent Moscow Cup) rather than entering a string of letters describing a row/column like for example UTTTSSSSSTTT. If you just circle/mark a bunch of cells, meaning I have to enter a letter describing each of those cells in isolation, you can cover the puzzle with 5-6 descriptive cells and its less work for me as I can just jot down the letter in small in the marked cell as I'm solving.
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SKnight posted @ 2012-12-15 10:12 PM

As we encounted in the USPC the other year, if you go with "letters in order visited clockwise", it's good to put the starting letter on the edge of the puzzle.
For example, starting from point F, mathematically "clockwise" would go upwards, but many folks would assume it went leftwards.
Loop puzzles (where all cells are not visited)8 posts • Page 1 of 1 • 1
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