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Country : India

Administrator posted @ 2012-11-20 5:48 AM

With no other players participating, Word Show is now over.

Congratulations to Palmer, Ulrich and Tawan for their podium finishes. Congratulations to Tawan again for his first podium finish at LMI tests.
Among Indians, Amit played really well to be placed at 7th.

Link to score page : , which now also has "Feedback Summary". Thanks everyone for using the feedback page. Those who have done it so far should check it out.

Would love to hear from Nikola what he thinks about the test now.
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Posts: 35
Country : The Netherlands

Bram28 posted @ 2012-11-20 11:14 AM

Well, I stunk big time during competition, but I really enjoyed solving all of them afterwards. Thanks Nikola for the beautiful puzzles!!
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Country : Serbia

Nikola posted @ 2012-11-20 4:18 PM

Congratulations from my side to Palmer who almost completed the test, with one already described small mistake. He had more than 13 minutes for last Word Search puzzle but he couldn't finish it. Also congrats to Ulrich and Tawan, they solved correctly 9 of 11 submitted puzzles.

The fact is that most of the puzzles was a bit hard. When I saw Cedomir's and Serkan's total time, I decided to limite solving time on 90 minutes. It seems I had a strong pretesters for word puzzles.

I must say I enjoyed this weekend as many of you. Thanks to all of you for comments and feedbacks. Dominant green color on graphics telling me the test succeded.
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Country : Indonesia

chaotic_iak posted @ 2012-11-20 6:30 PM

 How balanced do you think the puzzle types of this test were? Fairly balanced
 What was your opinion of the distribution of easy/hard puzzles? A bit hard
 What did you think about the puzzle quality of the test? Very nice
 What was your opinion about the answer key extraction? Answer keys could have been better
 How did you feel about the length / time limit for this test? A bit too many puzzles
 How fair do you think the rankings were? Most players got the score they deserved
 What was your opinion of the booklet formatting and printing? Just right

Word Show — November Puzzle Test — 17th-19th November46 posts • Page 2 of 2 • 1 2
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