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motris - My USPC Story
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Subject: RE: motris - My USPC Story @ 2012-08-26 2:37 AM (#8342 - in reply to #8337) (#8342) Top

Fillomino-Fillia 2 Author

Location: USA
A few immediate comments on some things in this post.

"AB=CD+E or A=B-C/D*E": Indeed, the computer cranked out these for me as well, along with a few reorderings of those operations. The only additional one I had found was "AB*C/D+E=FG" (fun challenge for you all). I ended up getting the first of these with a rather slow points-per-minute ratio and figured the second one needed to be saved for last... which meant I never did it during time.

Packing broke multiple times for me too. Except I never ended up getting it. Seems to be a lot of people who couldn't avoid messing up on this one.

Tapa was indeed fast for me. Probably around the middle of the difficulty/quality of the CTC pack (not saying much because the CTC puzzles were very good).

Your Frozen Pentomino experience was quite different from mine, as I was pretty sure of what the V and P had to be. Still, I was staring at a mostly completed puzzle for maybe 5 minutes before I finally realized swapping the W and T could make the W lock the P. Arg...

My Musketeer Sudoku solve seems to have been similar, except for me having all the Ds equal was a bifurcation, which I made very soon after finding that 2,4 pair. I think you were the one to bifurcate on last year's Zotmeister Sudoku, so we seemed have flipped roles.

"~24 minutes and the STD to go" That sounds like a familiar situation, although you had more time.
Subject: RE: motris - My USPC Story @ 2012-08-26 2:59 AM (#8344 - in reply to #8342) (#8344) Top

Posts: 199
Location: USA
I hadn't written my code efficiently to just search equation space for singletons. Instead I was literally going through all possible equations fixing first an = sign, then allowing 13 combinatorial-ish options. So my "perl uspc 11 >uspc11.txt" has yet to deliver AB*C/D+E=FG. I stopped it before the test but I can go back to it now that computing is free.
Subject: Re: motris - My USPC Story @ 2012-08-26 5:08 AM (#8361 - in reply to #8337) (#8361) Top

Posts: 10

Location: USA
Snail's Nest names were actually episodes of Supernatural, the pilot and one from each season 1-7. I removed the informative flavor text because it would have been too distracting given the limited space. I think we now know Serkan's favorite US TV show!
Subject: Re: motris - My USPC Story @ 2012-08-26 5:36 AM (#8366 - in reply to #8361) (#8366) Top

CTC & TVC Author & Organizer

Posts: 180
Location: Turkiye
:) Absolutely, I'm looking forward to the next season. When we came to US for the WSC, I got some Supernatural comics from NY, cool stuff. I know I'm talking about irrelevant things, but I should say that my favorite season is 4. Before Eric Kripke left, there were very very cool soundtracks in almost every episode, mostly Rock... One more thing, you should listen to this, I probably listened a hundred times :)
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