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prasanna16391 posted @ 2012-05-23 6:18 PM


this is the last of the set unless I get a matchmaker working that I'm really happy with. The Loop assumes that crossings can share an edge as showed in Swaroop's question. So Hopefully that's allowed, as nothing's said against it in the rules.
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xevs posted @ 2012-05-23 7:31 PM

swaroop2011 - 2012-05-23 3:50 PM

One doubt in "NO numbers loop" can crossings share an segment .
like this.

Yes, they can (unless it violates other rules).
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Administrator posted @ 2012-05-25 4:58 PM

Bonus System

Here is the bonus formula

Final Points = (Points Accumulated) / (Claim Bonus Time) * 120

Bonus will be awarded to players submitting all puzzles(with maximum one wrong submission). The wrong submission can not be a dummy submission just to get time bonus. Organizers and authors will review the wrong submission and decide if bonus should be awarded.

We are in the process of having same bonus system for all future regular tests (e.g. except Marathon / Sprint / Screen tests). I hope top players find this system as fair. Otherwise, please let us know.

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Administrator posted @ 2012-05-25 10:42 PM


Password protected pdf is uploaded. It has 8 pages, including a cover page with points table.
Japanese version of puzzle booklet is also available. (Password is same for both)

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motris posted @ 2012-05-29 1:53 AM

Well, my long LMI puzzle "podium" streak was doomed to end eventually. 17 tests it is. This was rather hard, and 75 minutes would have been just about as good as 120 minutes for me. Still, there were some very nice designs in the puzzles I did solve so thanks for those xevs.
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debmohanty posted @ 2012-05-29 7:52 AM

"No Numbers" is over. Undoubtedly one of the difficult tests, and the low participation was probably because of the unfamiliar puzzles.

So, Bram takes the first position (after 17 tries) (he loves HARD puzzles, doesn't he?), Endo Ken takes 2nd position, and Hideaki takes the 3rd position.

Ko has prepared a solutions booklets with small hints on how to solve the puzzles. Here is the link. (Click here for Japanese version).

The usual suspects from India take the top Indian spots.

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macherlakumar posted @ 2012-05-29 10:19 AM

Previously I had a thought that there should be a test with unfamiliar puzzles and this is it No Numbers came.
So far I have attempted Curve Data, Synchronized Maze and No Numbers field, they are really good. Curve data 2 is like what I have expected.
I liked the test but I should have done some practise puzzles before attempting (not a good idea to give an unprepared test at night 10:30 on Monday).

Anyway thanks a lot to LMI and Xevs. I will try to solve the other puzzles as well.

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Para posted @ 2012-05-29 10:45 AM

Thanks Ko for writing this test. I generally do well with unfamiliar puzzle types. I had a similar experience as Thomas, where after 80 minutes I had solved for most my points, at which point I was feeling pretty good about my performance. I had left both No Numbers types till the end. Afterwards I was a bit disappointed, having only been able to add 85 points in 40 minutes. But it was enough in the end. Guess I can write off this victory on smoothly solving the second Synchronised Maze, which seems to have stumped a lot of people.
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Nilz posted @ 2012-06-03 3:46 AM

I really enjoyed this test, it's always nice to see types of puzzles that I've not seen before, so thanks Ko. Were they newly created puzzles by you, or had you seen them somewhere else before? Curve data and It's Yours were particularly interesting- does anyone know anywhere I can find some more of these types? In fact if anyone knows where I can find more examples of any of the types I'll gladly take a look.

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Takeya posted @ 2012-06-13 6:34 PM

Hi Nilz,
Today I uploaded new curve data I made and wrote about another puzzles in the genre.
Please check below if you like.

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