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TVC X — 25th-27th February
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Subject: RE: TVC X — 25th-27th February @ 2012-02-28 6:16 PM (#6801 - in reply to #6737) (#6801) Top

CTC & TVC Author & Organizer

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Second round of TVC 2012 has ended, thanks to all participants. The top three are as follows:

1. Palmer Mebane (USA)
2. Kota Morinishi (JAP)
3. Bram de Laat (NED)

Congratulations to Palmer, he showed great performance with completing all puzzles in 62 minutes. He was the only competitor to solve all 17 puzzles. He seems to have fixed his disadvantage in the first contest.

Some statistics:

- The puzzle solved by least competitors was Tapa Distiller. It was solved by 10 competitors.
- The puzzle solved by most competitors was Tapa and Pata - Tapa. It was solved by 129 competitors.
- The puzzle with the highest rating was Tapa Difference (8.55) and the puzzle with the lowest rating was Tapa Guard (6.7).
- The puzzle submitted with the highest accuracy was Anglers Tapa (%97.26, 71/73 competitors), lowest was Tapa Guard (%69.09, 38/55 competitors)

See you next round!

Subject: Re: TVC X — 25th-27th February @ 2012-02-29 2:06 AM (#6802 - in reply to #6799) (#6802) Top

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Ah, thank you, I didn't realize that there were credits at the bottom of the instruction page. I wasn't fishing for a credit (actually, I was more afraid that I had forgotten there was a Braille Tapa puzzle on the contests last year and had inadvertently stolen the idea from someone else) but I certainly appreciate one...it impressed my wife, at least. :)
Subject: Re: TVC X — 25th-27th February @ 2012-03-01 3:24 AM (#6817 - in reply to #6800) (#6817) Top

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Administrator - 2012-02-28 12:13 PM

Congratulations to MellowMelon for winning TVC X by a huge margin.

Kota and Para are distant 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Out of 183 players, 148 players got non-zero scores.

The table on the right shows cumulative normalized scores of top 10 players.

Is this standings just made for the top 10 or is this listed somewhere officially?
Subject: Re: TVC X — 25th-27th February @ 2012-03-01 10:00 AM (#6823 - in reply to #6817) (#6823) Top

Location: India
Para - 2012-03-01 3:24 AM
Is this standings just made for the top 10 or is this listed somewhere officially?

Just posted the official list here - http://logicmastersindia.com/TVC/2012.asp
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