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MellowMelon's SlitherLink puzzle pack
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Subject: Re: MellowMelon's SlitherLink puzzle pack @ 2012-01-05 3:46 PM (#6361 - in reply to #6345) (#6361) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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Location: India
Oh yea, I misunderstood that. My bad. Either way, puzzle packs are a wonderful idea.
Subject: RE: MellowMelon's SlitherLink puzzle pack @ 2012-06-15 3:33 PM (#7499 - in reply to #6342) (#7499) Top

WCPN Author

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Location: Netherlands
Thanks for a very nice set of slitherlink puzzles Palmer!
In the month June all my puzzles in the portal of Logic Masters Germany are based on the domino theme. Today’s puzzles was inspired by your slitherlink/domino combination. You can find it here.
The only difference with your puzzle is that in mine the domino tiles have to be placed neatly in order; touching domino tiles have to have the same number.
I hope you like it!

Best regards, Richard
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