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Congrats to Ko Okamoto, Roland Voigt and Thomas Snyder for taking the top 3 positions. Ulrich Voigt (4th) and the top 3 were extremely close, with just about 20 points separating the four.
Special credit to Byron Calver, for being the only participant to solve all 20 puzzles correctly.

I hope all of you enjoyed at least a few of the puzzles. Most of them very easy relative to the difficulty of ST1. I strongly believed at least 5 players would finish all 20. Of course, it is very natural to make one small error, and its not disheartening to see 35 players solve 18 and more puzzles correctly.

KnightSafe and Number Search were two puzzles with most common errors. Many answered '9' for KnightSafe by including one cell which 'had' a knight. Its very easy to miss a number in Number Search if not careful.

Sudoku Pair and Star Battle were, in my opinion, the hardest two puzzles. Sudoku Pair had the least number of correct submissions.

After authoring the first two Screen Tests, I wish to be a participant at ST3 :-)

Thank You all once again for participating. Good Luck for those participating at the WPC and I hope this Screen Test helps you to score better in Eger ;-)
LMI Screen Test #2 — 1/2/3/4 November'201134 posts • Page 2 of 2 • 1 2
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