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Para posted @ 2011-08-25 1:32 AM

deu - 2011-08-24 9:20 AM
One of the purposes of this test was to popularize a new puzzle (Shakashaka) and an old puzzle (Mochikoro). That is why we included some practice puzzles for these types. We are very pleased to know 89 solved Mochikoro (Top) and 59 solved Shakashaka (Top) correctly.

I'm starting to really like the shakashaka puzzles. I think the triangled grid works much better for solving purposes for me. The normal grid I am not really sure how to keep notes. I didn't like them the first time I saw them as I always messed up notationwise (somewhat like corral, which had the same problem at first). Don't think I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think it's a better way to represent them, if you want to try to make it more popular.
Mochikoro I was a litle less a fan of as it seems very intuitive a genre. While solving the big one afterwards I kept feeling intuitively where rectangles had to go, because I couldn't see how it would turn out unique otherwise. I did it logically eventually, but those thoughts somewhat clash with an enjoyable solve as I want to do it logically.

deu - 2011-08-24 9:20 AMTiming: My test-solving time was 80:14. This includes checking time for most puzzles, but without competition pressure and answer entry. Competition time was decided considering authors' intention and my time. This was a little short especially for those who are not familiar with Nikoli puzzles, but we were relieved when motris solved all puzzles correctly. Apart from motris, MellowMelon solved 25 and xevs solved 24, but both of them made mistakes in high pointers.

Think the timing was good. I know, I'm not a quick big puzzle solver, so knew I wouldn't be in the top. Just missed out of the top 20 as the timer ran out when I was about to click submit on the larger heyawake. I used the test a bit to practise puzzle I never really solve: namely akari, heyawake and the 3 new ones. Still learning the tricks and patterns on akari and heyawake. Love to get some pointers on them at one point. Feel like I'm missing a lot of things still.

deu - 2011-08-24 9:20 AM

I read all comments. Thanks for posting how you felt about the test.

Puzzles: In making Nikoli test, we had two options about difficulty and grid size:
(A) only small grids (8x8 -- 10x10), from easy to extra hard [WPC standard]
(B) from small to big, from easy to hard [Nikoli standard]
Authors adopted (B), because they wanted to think highly of Nikoli style. We are confident that we presented one aspect of good puzzles/competitions.

I understand why it was done. Have no problem with it. Just know that without a regular Nikoli practise on puzzles this size, it's harder to do them fast. the designs all were okay for a fast solve. Still got stumped by puzzles I normally wouldn't have a problem with in smaller size (masyu/slitherlink).
I'm still not too sure about the kakuro points though, as I was faster in my kakuro solve for the small one than the big one. But that might be because I make a lot of these hard small puzzles and quickly recognise the breaking points in hard kakuros.

Japanese Puzzle Land — LMI August Puzzle Test — 20th and 21st August53 posts • Page 3 of 3 • 1 2 3
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