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OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May
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Subject: Re: OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May @ 2011-04-30 7:32 PM (#4303 - in reply to #4302) (#4303) Top

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rakesh_rai - 2011-04-30 12:27 PM

zalak - 2011-04-30 12:20 PM
rvarun - 2011-04-25 10:55 PM

Hi organizers. One small suggestion. If possible, someone can upload a blank octo puzzle sheet so that people who don't have printer can take copies of that sheet earlier and note down the numbers alone after the password is given for the booklet.
Its a great suggestion. In fact it would be great if you could create a blank file (without numbers) but with the circles.. that ways we can take that print earlier and would only have to fill in numbers when the password is given.
You can download the blank grid from the OCTO puzzle site. There is a link given for that already.

yep, i saw that, i am talkin about the final grid for each puzzle, with circles marked on them.. so the only input from our side would be numbers.. might not make much difference for this puzzle, but might be useful for some other tests.
Subject: Re: OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May @ 2011-05-01 5:47 PM (#4304 - in reply to #4091) (#4304) Top

WSPC Organizer

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Thanks to LMI for introducing to this new and great puzzle type Octo

Subject: Re: OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May @ 2011-05-02 6:04 AM (#4305 - in reply to #4304) (#4305) Top

Location: India
OCTO Contest is now over - See results at http://logicmastersindia.com/OCTOContest

Congratulations to Hideaki Jo, Richard Hoffer, Yuhei Kusui for topping the results table.
Thank you everyone for participating.
Subject: Re: OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May @ 2011-05-02 9:00 AM (#4306 - in reply to #4305) (#4306) Top

Support Administrator, Casual and Word (PR 19) Author

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Nice contest. Puzzles 7 and 8 were quite good.
Subject: Re: OCTO Contest on 30 April / 01 May @ 2011-05-03 4:47 AM (#4308 - in reply to #4091) (#4308) Top

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Thanks to Deb Mohanty and Logic Masters India for running such an excellent site. I was really amazed at Deb's wealth of knowledge and experience--the process of providing the puzzles and supporting the competition was incredibly smooth. Thanks to the competitors for trying something new. I hope to have the opportunity to provide some more OCTO puzzles some time in the future...
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