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hi, great puzzles. however i think pentopia hard puzzle is wrong. in the down right corner, "-" does not equalise U and L shapes. there is no way to put L shape. it is wrong in the solution booklet too. the puzzle is still solvable until 2 or 3 shapes left, but it is so.

The sign in R5C11 and R9C10 aren't same.
The sign of R5C11 shows to right and left, and the other one points at left only.
So the official solution is correct

alright now i see it. it is not full but half of a line. ok now it has a solution : ) but admit, it is a little unclear, i spent 20 minutes to find out where i did go wrong. but for different shapes, different colours can be used. maybe print outs won't show, however a lot of people use photo editor. it could be better. anyway thanks for the reply. and one more thanks for the puzzles.
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Para posted @ 2011-03-19 11:52 PM

Posted some of the remainders here.
Hybrids - LMI March'11 Puzzle Test56 posts • Page 3 of 3 • 1 2 3
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