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2021 WS+PC Puzzle Competition
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auroux posted @ 2021-11-16 10:33 PM

Gabriele: my guess is that, because the puzzles in "Made in China" are quite far away from classics, and have relatively few distinct puzzle types for such a long round, the authors have provided way more puzzles than can be completed (by mere mortals at least) in the 90 minutes, so that most of us will be able to choose what types of puzzles we wish to work on and still aim for roughly the same amount of points per minute as in other rounds.

In other terms: if you expect to barely finish the other rounds in the allotted time, expect to be able to get a score of roughly 900 on this round, and it's ok if you are completely incompetent a., for instance, Mahjongg Mazes because there are enough puzzles of other types.
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rajeshk posted @ 2021-11-19 1:55 PM

In Gokigen Naname 3D, instructions say that draw the diagonal lines. However, in the solution, both the top 2s are connecting along the line instead of diagonal?
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Administrator posted @ 2021-11-19 2:35 PM

Yes, this mistake has been pointed out before in this thread, the cells are drawn wrong in that part of the puzzle. The rules are correct.
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pvondrak posted @ 2021-11-27 9:49 AM

In the instruction book for Cave, did the sample solution flip the shaded squares? The shaded squares are not supposed to be part of the cave, correct?
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prasanna16391 posted @ 2021-11-27 10:36 AM

The puzzle solves the same either way, its just different notations.
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pvondrak posted @ 2021-11-27 5:13 PM

"Shade some cells to leave behind a single, connected group (the cave), with no enclosed, shaded cells. In other words, all shaded cells must be connected by other shaded cells to an edge of the grid."

This plus the flip of what's shaded in the example led me to think that what I wasn't shading were the walls of the cave and because they were unshaded, the walls were allowed to be enclosed. I should've tried to solve the example - I would've noticed there wasn't a unique solution with that interpretation.

Going back to the competition puzzle, this is making much more sense now, thanks. :)
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professorX posted @ 2021-11-29 12:56 PM

How do I post an image of the puzzle in the discussion forum post ???
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