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professorX posted @ 2021-11-06 4:03 PM

Fantastic contest ... loads of fun solving the puzzles.
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GizFox posted @ 2021-11-07 1:50 AM

Very enjoyable contest. Thanks for hosting this.

Kakuro 3's final step in particular was delightful.

I definitely struggled with the final Hashi compared to the rest of the puzzles - I was able to complete it in my own time after my timer ran out, and found it enjoyable, mind.
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Timjamiller posted @ 2021-11-07 6:17 AM

I have some errors I'd like to petition, as I found an error in the answering page. Who should I address?

Edit: I found that I was in error, which isn't surprising. Never mind this comment.

Edited by Timjamiller 2021-11-07 6:24 AM
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TS279 posted @ 2021-11-07 3:30 PM

Thanks for creating this very nice and joyful contest!
I really enjoyed the new idea for the Hashi encoding (although it may be enhanced with the remarks of Veronika and rob :] ).
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BogdanG posted @ 2021-11-08 4:37 PM

I am a beginner and I had lot of fun solving these puzzles (some after time ran). It is a very good idea to organize such competitions for less experienced players. I hope will be more contest like this. Congratulations to authors and organizers, you did a great job and had a very good idea.
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rajeshk posted @ 2021-11-09 4:26 PM

Very nice contest. Enjoyed solving all these puzzles. Thanks to the authors for this memorable test.
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Administrator posted @ 2021-11-09 4:34 PM

prasanna16391 - 2021-11-06 2:46 PM

The Contest page is back up. We will see its performance over the next day and then decide about extending the contest if necessary to 11th. As a general note, If the system goes down while you are taking the test, you may mail logicmasteradmin@gmail.com with answer keys and we will consider whatever is within your time of 60 minutes from starting. This is obviously not the preferred option, please use the submission page unless it goes down.

The contest has gone on smoothly so we will not be doing an extension and the contest will end at the announced time. This is also in part because we don't want a contest going on while we are potentially making changes for the upcoming WS+PC event.
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A Carton Mutant

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A Carton Mutant posted @ 2021-11-11 2:19 PM

Couldn't get printouts so did them leisurely on Penpa. Everything felt friendly and smooth. For Hashi keys, I admit I should have checked the IB :) But maybe requiring every bridge seen in a direction regardless of orientation is an alternative (so no 0s but an "unfixed" key length that possibly resists guessing better). Thanks for the puzzles!
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