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25 Years (06th - 13th Nov) Score Discuss

25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020
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Subject: RE: 25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020 @ 2020-11-14 2:57 AM (#28561 - in reply to #28550) (#28561) Top

Typed Logic Author

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It seems that the contest is now over. Congratulations to the finishers: Walker Anderson in a blazing 97 minutes, Endo Ken in 111 minutes, Jeffrey Bardon in 119 minutes, and Anderson Wang in 122 minutes! For Indian solvers, congratulations to Ashish Kumar, Swaroop Guggilam, and Kishore Kumar for the top three solvers (after Prasanna, at least). And of course, thank you to everyone that have participated in the test.

Feedback in this thread is lacking, but largely because most people in Puzzlers Club that took this test decided to just post their feedback there (we have a channel in which once someone has finished the test, they can get access to it to discuss the test). Their comments:

- mschulz7: "Super fun and refreshing puzzles. MF2 was my favorite of the ones I looked at. Now I'm exhausted"
- Puzzle_Maestro: "Had 25 minutes to finish No-touch nurikabe 2, didn't finish. FML. Anyway, that was an incredibly nice set of puzzles! Especially liked The hard Abacus Kurotto: seemed impenetrable at the start but it unravelled really nicely."
- montelucci: "thanks chao, that was a really really fun set. favorites are the big abacus, big archipelago and big mystery fillomino"
- rob: "that was fun, thanks! just did the big nurikabe after (not a problem, but also not as quick that I regret not getting around to it)"
- ghirsch: "wow, lots of great puzzles! SH2, PF2, both MF, GG2, and NTN2 all stood out as particularly enjoyable out of the ones I've solved so far"
- ostroffj: "whew, cool puzzles!"
- WA1729: "Just finished in 97:35. Fantastic themes and logic! I really liked Abacus Kurotto (I wasn't sure of this type's potential until I solved the test puzzles), No Touch Nurikabe, Maximal Archipelago, and Poset Futoshiki. Mystery Fillomino 1 is a great Fillomino variant - I remember loving Anderson's and the one in Palmer's pack, and am very happy to see another."
- prasanna16391: "Nice contest! I enjoyed it a lot. [...] My favourite puzzles were both mystery Fillominos, and the second maximal archipelago."
- anderson: "whew, I wasn't sure if I could do the hard abacus kurotto in the last 10 minutes but my brain went into overdrive and I barely pulled it out. really fun test overall!"
- Muhorka: "great competition! i liked hard maximal archipelago, hard greener grasses, hard fillomino and easy abacus"
- IHNN: "I finished with 5 minutes to spare! Extremely tough set on the upper end, the Skyscrapers, Kurotto and Slitherlink took me about 45 minutes combined to solve. I really liked the Heyawakes and Fillominos on this one"
- Penzo: "hello, very nice puzzles :D [...] I'm glad I got poset futoshiki, tetromino slitherlink, and mysterious fillomino, but I got lost on the rest"
- swaroop2011: "Great puzzles. I did poorly though, also 30 min wasted. Need to solve remaining now."

The Solution Booklet should be up soon, with all the solutions as well as some tips on particular sticking points (and more backstory). Feel free to ask for tips in this thread as well. Did you know this test was written around 3 weeks before the test? I've picked most of my genres for a long time, but I only started writing puzzles around 3 weeks before the contest proper because I misjudged how much time I would need for writing them whoops.

Thank you once again for participating in this test and celebrating my 25th birthday together. Here's for another 25 years of puzzling!
Subject: Re: 25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020 @ 2020-11-14 11:20 AM (#28562 - in reply to #28550) (#28562) Top

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I am able to view the discussion. The test is over now and discussion is not yet public.
Subject: Re: 25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020 @ 2020-11-14 4:53 PM (#28563 - in reply to #28550) (#28563) Top

Location: India
The Solution Booklet is now available here.
Subject: Re: 25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020 @ 2020-11-15 11:18 AM (#28565 - in reply to #28550) (#28565) Top

PR 2020 (MII and Regions) Author

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We have covered a Video on All-3 Skyscrapers Puzzle ( 200 pointer) and full logical solve. do check out the video on such an amazing puzzle :)
Subject: Re: 25 Years - LMI November Monthly Puzzle Test - 6th to 13th November 2020 @ 2020-11-29 11:11 AM (#28575 - in reply to #28550) (#28575) Top

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I didn't have time to compete but I did print these out and solved casually after. Thought Ivan might like some thoughts.
The quality of the puzzles is impressive. You could tell a lot of work has been done with each grid.
My initial impression with the IB was that I was quite put-off with all the new variations - but it built up for some interesting deductions in the test.
These are excellent examples of how you would write a fair puzzle without abusing the variants too much.
The gimmick in the Abacus Kurotto was probably my favourite.
The newer types were nice too: Greener Grasses, Maximal Archipelago and Linked Signals - nice logic in all of them.
I can't even suggest one major improvement.
It was likely good for me that I did these without time pressure, otherwise I may have not enjoyed the puzzles as much.
Congrats and thanks for the lovely puzzles.
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