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We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019
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Subject: Re: We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019 @ 2019-07-17 11:36 PM (#27155 - in reply to #27109) (#27155) Top

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Thanks for the test. I had a lot of fun.
It seems all the grids (at least the ones I managed) had neat paths!
Definitely a lot of a-ha moments and that sense of satisfaction when each grid is solved.

I got bogged down by the Checkered Fillomino, Anti-symmetric Tapa and the Poset Futoshiki.
High-pointers (and very nice flows to them!) but meant no time left for everything else.
Looking forward to Part 2.
Subject: RE: We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019 @ 2019-07-18 6:23 AM (#27156 - in reply to #27109) (#27156) Top

Typed Logic Author

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Congratulations to EKBM, WA1729, and panista for the podium finish, as well as to Para and S_Aoki for also completing the whole test! And thank you for all participants for taking part in this contest, and all the feedback. Also, to WA1729: TheGreatEscaper appreciated your love of Haisu. I also hope it becomes a staple genre in logic puzzles.

As the contest progressed, we noticed a few issues. One was listed above: we accidentally put the old version of the answer key for 13-14 (Statue Islands), leading to many confusion. We greatly apologize for the mistake, and the time that might have spent double-checking and such. We also noticed that a few puzzles ended up not valued that fairly; I believe 6 (Total Masyu) and 19 (Nurikabe) proved to be more difficult than they appeared. (I wish the usual feedback page was up; people seemed to be much more willing to give feedback through it, and it would have been great to see if people thought the scores were okay or not.)

There is Solution Booklet that should be uploaded soon; it has hints for some selected puzzles, and we're also happy to help you answering questions on how to get past a difficult step. Do try all the puzzles even after the contest is over; they are all good!

Some trivia about the puzzles:
- 6 (Total Masyu) was originally a Uniqueness Triplet Total Masyu. You have three grids; one has a unique solution, one has multiple, and one has none. Find which is which. The reason is that the puzzle as in the contest might be prone to uniqueness logic. We axed the Uniqueness Triplet part. (It was also originally 10x10 with an empty bottom half.)
- As explained in the IB, Haisu originally had a second kind of clues; a small number at the top-left of a region counts the number of times the path enters the region. It appeared in 24HPC 2019 without that kind of clues, but the IB there still had it; this is the first time Haisu is presented without reference to that kind of clues at all.
- ManyPinkHats had a third genre involving rotationally symmetric variants of an existing puzzle, but we cut it in exchange for expanding the other two genres. We'll see if there's any other rejects that are good enough to share!
- 16 (second Antisymmetric Tapa) was nerfed in the last few days before the contest went live. It is solvable without the R8C3 clue.
- 19 (Nurikabe) is meant to be solved with intuition. There is a logical argument, but it is very advanced.
- 21 (Poset Futoshiki) was feared to be too difficult to be included in the test. It seems that it ended up fine; nowhere near the list of least-solved puzzles.
- For my section personally, I had reasons for my selection of puzzles: Fillomino is my favorite genre, Poset Futoshiki is my invented variant that I'm most proud of (I considered putting Maximal Archipelago as well but didn't get it to work quickly enough), and the Nurikabe showcases a logical deduction that I derived a few months ago. I'm not sure if other people have their own motivations for their particular section (of why they picked those genres); that's for the others to answer.

Really, the history section explains pretty much all about the motivation. We formed our own group, Puzzlers Club, that is more puzzle-focused about 1.5 years ago. Then we wrote to 24HPC 2018 (Round 3, themed around the number 3), then 24HPC 2019 (three rounds: 7, 10, 11). Then I figured, why not write for LMI too? And since we want to introduce ourselves, I figured we could turn it into a theme, and so here we are.

Of course, we aren't done yet. There's still Part 2, because we have 14 interested authors and that's way too many for one contest. Expect another collection of high-quality puzzles next month! And even after that, it won't be the last; we'd be happy to write more for LMI and produce more interesting puzzles for people to solve.

Finally, if you are interested in joining us, you can e-mail at puzzlersclubsignups -at- gmail -dot- com. We're happy to have anyone that's interested in puzzles! We're a bit hesitant with being too open to the public, as it usually invites bots and spammers; as such, if you're interested in joining, please state that you hear about us from this test.

See you in Part 2!
Subject: Re: We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019 @ 2019-07-18 1:00 PM (#27160 - in reply to #27156) (#27160) Top

Location: India
Congratulations to Swaroop, Kishore and Harmeet for finishing in the Top 3 from India!

Thanks to all the authors and test-solvers for coming up with this wonderful set of puzzles.
Subject: Re: We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019 @ 2019-07-18 2:39 PM (#27161 - in reply to #27109) (#27161) Top

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The Solution booklet please !
Subject: Re: We are Puzzlers Club - Part 1 - LMI July Monthly Puzzle Test - 12th to 16th Jul 2019 @ 2019-07-18 3:25 PM (#27162 - in reply to #27109) (#27162) Top

Location: India
Solution Booklet: http://logicmastersindia.com/lmitests/dl.asp?attachmentid=789
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