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Hex Slitherlink - LMI Fun Contest - 20th - 24th May
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Subject: Re: Hex Slitherlink - LMI Fun Contest - 20th - 24th May @ 2016-05-19 6:42 PM (#21654 - in reply to #21649) (#21654) Top

Location: India

Some notes

1. There is no contest duration for this one. After you start, you can submit until the end of contest.
2. Link to score page : http://logicmastersindia.com/2016/05F/score.asp
You can view the score page at any time (e.g. before participating). This will give you an idea of how long you would take.
3. There is no bonus. The score page will be sorted by Submission time, including penalty time (2 minutes per each incorrect submission), if any.
4. There will not be a feedback page, please leave any feedback in this post directly. You can also rate the puzzle.
5. This thread will remain restricted after the contest starts, if you want to discuss about the puzzle.
6. This contest will not be included in LMI puzzle ratings.

Subject: Re: Hex Slitherlink - LMI Fun Contest - 20th - 24th May @ 2016-05-23 1:41 PM (#21656 - in reply to #21649) (#21656) Top

WSPC Organizer

Posts: 513
Location: India
Nice Puzzle. Loved this more than the puzzle used in the Marathon :)
Subject: Re: Hex Slitherlink - LMI Fun Contest - 20th - 24th May @ 2016-05-25 10:04 AM (#21665 - in reply to #21649) (#21665) Top

Hex Slitherlink Author

Posts: 109
Location: France
Congratulations to Ken Endo for winning this with a very impressive solving time -- and to runners-up Hideaki and Matej as well !
It looks like the difficulty would have been greater than this year's marathon puzzles but not insane for a marathon. Not clear which of the two puzzles I personally prefer -- the puzzle in the marathon has a nicer aesthetic and flows more smoothly, but this one has a more interesting solve path...
Subject: Re: Hex Slitherlink - LMI Fun Contest - 20th - 24th May @ 2016-05-25 2:18 PM (#21666 - in reply to #21665) (#21666) Top

Typed Logic Author

Posts: 241
Location: Indonesia
I already forgot what happened in the Marathon puzzle. This one has a good solving path, but if I recall correctly, nothing particularly striking (cf. my 16x16 Poset Futoshiki), so I don't think I'd make a choice based on the solving path alone. That leaves only the aesthetics to base my decision, in which the Marathon puzzle obviously wins. So the choice of using that puzzle as the Marathon puzzle instead of this is correct.

Edited by chaotic_iak 2016-05-25 2:19 PM
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