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Logic Masters 2014 Germany
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Subject: Re: Logic Masters 2014 Germany @ 2014-06-27 10:43 PM (#15831 - in reply to #15811) (#15831) Top

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Location: Germany

I've now reviewed the point claims and finalized the rankings. All contests can now be started freely. That means you can solve them just like the original contest and see your results afterwards. However, your solutions and scores will not be stored permanently, but will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

This is one way to download the puzzles and get the password for the encrypted files. But we have also added all non-encrypted puzzle files, solutions, scores, pictures and so on to the championship page:


There is also a bonus puzzle ("Stechen") which would have been used in case of a tie after the preliminary rounds. It's a "Tapa Restauration" where exactly one clue number is missing in every clue cell.

Here is a combined ranking of rounds 1-8, the preliminary rounds. Please keep in mind, that not all competitors took part in all rounds. The list contains everybody who submitted at least one puzzle in one round. Minimum round score is set to 0.

deu 1839
kiwijam 1548
NikolaZ 1416
PS2391 1334
nyuta 1294
Gotroch 1173
rimodech 1171
GiantPanda 691
jimrity 527
Ute2 526
Klärchen 491
zuzanina 346
ancyna 300
Krokofanz 300
Anke76 296
yureklis 295
dodi 293
angsay 275
pirx 225
M00se88 218
drsteve 195
rubbeng 189
RALehrer 165
swaroop2011 135
righthand 115
sf2l 110
term 105
ch1983 55
metsy 50
yoshimasa 45
r45 45
ukonet 30
noxxa 15
garganega 10
PRW 10
j0an0 5
kaberg 5
devarajand 5
MrLiang 0

Online- and offline-results are hardly comparable for various reasons, however, here are the results of the Top 10 german offline competitors:

Florian Kirch 2087
Ulrich Voigt 1916
Matrin Merker 1830
Roland Voigt 1739
Robert Volmert 1738
Philipp Weiß 1658
Sebastian Matschke 1612
Michael Ley 1593
Hartmut Seeber 1292
Michael Smit 1275

Thanks again to all competitors, we hope you had some fun with our puzzles. See you next year, or maybe in London.

Last thing I want to do is some promotion.

First, Robert Vollmert is sharing some preparation puzzles he made in his puzzle blog. THhere is also a big (and hard) Double Slitherlink made by him in our puzzle portal


Second, this weekend and until July 6th we have the "Berlin Stammtisch contest" on our website, which was created by some puzzlers from Berlin. It's kind of a marathon contest, but you have 24hours to solve it after you started the timer.

Subject: Re: Logic Masters 2014 Germany @ 2014-06-28 12:45 AM (#15833 - in reply to #15746) (#15833) Top

PR 2020 (Evergreens) Author

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Location: India
Thanks for placing these puzzles online. It was really fun to solve. My favorite round was definitely the 5th round, but all of them were pretty good.
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