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Administrator - 2012-03-20 12:58 AM

Announcement - 20-Mar puzzle is wrong

As many of you have found out by now, 20-Mar puzzle is wrong. (It is wrong by a digit, ah well). At this point, we are cancelling this puzzle and there will NOT be any replacement puzzle.

Will there be a 50th puzzle added at the end or will the competition last for 49 puzzles now? I was just wondering as there seems to be a possibility developing that Valezius can catch up to places 2 and 3 as the gap has shortened considerably in the last few days. It might not make a difference but it could. Also I've been closing the gap to place 4 again, but the top 3 change would of course be a bigger development as that's been the same three people for well as long as I've been keeping track.