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brecher92 posted @ 2016-02-17 5:32 PM

Administrator - 2015-12-28 9:25 PM

CTC Scoring system

The scoring system and formula are exactly same as previous years.

  • Submissions within 60 minutes will be considered for scoring
  • 2 minutes penalty for each wrong submission
  • 15% time penalty for each late day (maximum 2 late days are allowed – so a puzzle can be solved upto 72 hours after it is uploaded)
  • Each puzzle has its own points, which is computed from solving times of top 10% players on that day.
  • Each player gets points for solving a puzzle based on own solving time and others’ solving times. Exponential distribution is used.
  • Total points for a player is sum of puzzle points over 7 weeks.
Details in the pdf file Download | View

Just curious -- when there are a lot of people who did not finish the puzzle (as with today's), do they get factored into the calculation for MED?