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Comments on 2016-01-06's Tapa
swaroop2011 commented at 2016-01-06 02:27:26
Uff. Finally avoided the mistake. back to back hard ones. :)
swaroop2011 commented at 2016-01-06 02:31:42
and yeah forgot to mention, there is nice uniqueness trick in top left :)
rob commented at 2016-01-07 14:15:14
Besides the uniqueness, what I learnt here is that if two corners of a 113 clue are shaded, then all four must be shaded. Still not a smooth solve for me.
Para commented at 2016-01-07 19:00:01
@Rob: Same goes for the cells orthogonally adjacent to the clue cell around a 113.
Rohan Rao commented at 2016-01-08 17:18:16
Liked the flow of this puzzle. Though, took me a while to get things going. And completely missed the break-ins, ended up guessing throughout.
Rohan Rao commented at 2016-01-08 17:20:13
Sorry, posted the comment on wrong day :-) The above comment was supposed to be for 7th-Jan.