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List of Sudoku Mock Tests

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Subject: List of Sudoku Mock Tests @ 2010-06-29 11:30 AM (#794) (#794) Top

Location: India
Weekly Mock Test Author Date # Of Players Hall Of Fame Difficulty
Top 3 Top Indian
Sudoku Mocks 2010
Mock Test 21 Rajesh Kumar 24-Apr-10 42 janoslaw, Vincent, Gotroch Rishi, Amit, Rajesh Results Easy
Mock Test 20 Jakub Ondrousek 17-Apr-10 50 cpickerel, skywalker, flooser Amit, Akash, oldmonk Results Easy
Mock Test 19 Rishi Puri (purifire) and Neetu Puri 03-Apr-10 26+ Medium
Mock Test 18 Branko Ceranic 28-Mar-10 47 cpickerel, Rishi, flooser Rishi, Rohan, Gaurav Results Easy
Mock Test 17 Gotroch (Jakub Hrazdira) and Cauchy (Maruska Benediktova) 21-Mar-10 57 janoslaw, jaku111, Rohan Rao Rohan, Rishi, Gaurav Results Difficult
Mock Test 16 Amit Sowani & Kshitij Sharma 14-Mar-10 50 janoslaw, Nikola, Rohan Rao Rohan, Gaurav, Ritesh Results Difficult
Mock Test 15 Gaurav Korde 07-Mar-10 51 janoslaw, jaku111, Ours brun Rishi, Rohan, Tejal Results Medium
Mock Test 14 TTHsieh and Minfang Lin 28-Feb-10 64 zhergan, cauchy, cpikerel Gaurav, Rohan, Amit Results Medium
Mock Test 13 Tejal Phatak and Rohan Rao 21-Feb-10 54 janoslaw, zhergan, jaku111 Gaurav, Rishi, Rajesh Results Difficult
Mock Test 12 Deb Mohanty 14-Feb-10 35 janoslaw, Rishi, cpikerel Rishi, Rohan, Gaurav Results Easy
Sudoku Mocks 2008-2009
Mock Test 11 TTHsieh and Minfang Lin 22-Feb-09 34 Gotroch, cpickerel, janoslaw Puneet, Himanshu, Amit Results Easy
Mock Test 10 Gotroch(Jakub Hrazdira) and Cauchy(Maruska Benediktova) 15-Feb-09 30 janoslaw, jaku111, cpickerel Rishi, Rohan, Gaurav Results Medium
Mock Test 9 Gaurav Korde 01-Feb-09 33 jaku111, janoslaw, Rishi Rishi, Rohan, Jaipal Results Easy
Mock Test 8 Nikola Zivanovic 25-Jan-09 29 janoslaw, nikola, Gotroch Gaurav, Rishi, Rohan Results Medium
Mock Test 7 TTHsieh and Minfang Lin 11-Jan-09 35 cauchy, janoslaw, Rishi Rishi, Gaurav, Rohan Results Easy
Mock Test 6 Ritesh and Hitesh Gupta 04-Jan-09 38 krtekHonza, Gotroch, nikola Rishi, Amit, Gaurav Results Medium
Mock Test 5 Tejal Phatak and Rohan Rao 28-Dec-08 30 Gotroch, cpickerel, cauchy Jaipal, Himanshu, Amit Results Medium
Mock Test 4 Deb Mohanty 21-Dec-08 31 jaku111, amitsowani, Rishi Amit, Rishi, Ritesh Results Medium
Mock Test 3 Gaurav Korde 14-Dec-08 27 Yuhei Kusui,Nikola Zivanovic,Rishi Rishi, Lovely, Ritesh
Mock Test 2 Amit Sowani 07-Dec-08 27 Ritesh, Rishi, Nikola Ritesh, Rishi, Gaurav
Mock Test 1 Rajesh Kumar 23-Nov-08 8 Gaurav, Rohan, Rakesh
Puzzle Mocks 2008
Mock Test 4 Deb, Amit, Rishi 21-Sep-08 12 Rajesh, Ritesh, Rakesh
Mock Test 3 Tejal & Rohan 14-Sep-08 17 Nikola, Amit, Rajesh Amit, Rajesh, Ritesh
Mock Test 2 Rakesh Rai 07-Sep-08 6 Amit, Nikola, Rajesh Amit, Rajesh, Rohan
Mock Test 1 Gaurav Korde 07-Sep-08 8 Rajesh, Rohan, Rakesh
Sudoku Mocks 2007 - 2008
Mock Test 8 Deb Mohanty 24-Feb-08 14 Rohan, Amit, Ritesh
Mock Test 7 Rishi Puri 17-Feb-08 15 Rakesh, Ritesh, Rajesh
Mock Test 6 Sumit Bothra 10-Feb-08 20 Rishi, Rohan, Ritesh
Mock Test 5 Rajesh Kumar 03-Feb-08 21 Sumit, Ritesh, Amit
Mock Test 4 Murali Kakarla 02-Jan-08 22 Sumit, Amit, Ritesh
Mock Test 3 Rakesh Rai 30-Dec-07 10 Amit, Rajesh, Sumit
Mock Test 2 Rakesh Rai 23-Dec-07 14 Sumit, Ritesh, Akash
Mock Test 1 Amit Sowani 09-Dec-07 16 Sumit, Rakesh, Omkar
Subject: List of Sudoku Mock Tests at LMI @ 2010-06-30 11:21 AM (#797 - in reply to #794) (#797) Top

Location: India
Forgot to mention that Rakesh Rai has prepared most parts of the table. Many thanks to him for collecting all the information and putting it together
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