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sonnylaskar posted @ 2012-02-15 11:12 PM

Administrator - 2012-02-15 7:05 PM

Para - 2012-02-11 2:38 AM
I see we can rewatch our own solves. Will this be the case for other people's solves once the puzzle is over?

PuzzleScott - 2012-02-14 7:55 AM
Is it possible to see other player's solve sequences? I doubt I'll ever place top 20, but I'm sure I could improve my Tapa solving by studying the solve sequences of good players.

Others' Solve Sequences

You can now watch others players' solve sequences. It is available in the score page.

Please note : You can watch only if you have solved that particular day's puzzle OR if that particular day does not count towards contest points anymore (>72 hours).

It may not be how you expected it, but I'm particularly happy about bringing this to everyone. If you have other suggestions / feedback let us know.

This feature is awesome. But if there would have been like a 'pause' button then it would be even more useful as we could get more idea about the logic used by the solver.