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motris posted @ 2012-02-13 7:58 AM

While crocopuzzle is an everyday puzzle, you cannot compete in a day and it does not hurt your score. You choose to compete when you can, and the goals are both personal and interpersonal. So it works well as an everyday puzzle system because you opt in. I don't know, for a solver who can't do weekdays, or weekends, that this system with a rigid system really matches someone who would appreciate breaks.

Also, to be very clear as I think some people miss this, Crocopuzzle DOES NOT use a 5 minute penalty. This may be what you see reported on the published time ranking page, because until the puzzle is finished the error is not fixed. The actual penalty time is based on the median solve time of all the puzzle solvers without errors. It scales with difficulty. I think it is too punitive, as it is ~100% puzzle time value, and think Valezius at 20-30% is in a much better range with a proportional score. But indeed it can be 1m to 2h on different puzzles.