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yureklis posted @ 2012-02-13 6:18 AM

Interesting, interesting because I didn't get it. Everytime we discussed about this contest, we (Deb and me) thought of CrocoPuzzle as an example. CrocoPuzzle has a system, and CTC works same as it. Also if i know correctly, CrocoPuzzle's daily puzzles are really daily puzzles, there are only 24 hours to solve. So we wanted to expand time period. When we made this, we had only one aim: giving a chance to all competitors. Because everyone may not have free time or something. So we made 3 days, and when we made this we thought that we are making a useful thing. So now i see some competitors dont think like us. If we didnt make 3 days, it was better? I don't think so.

You can think of this contest as "one day to solve" (like CrocoPuzzle), not 3 days, and go on.

About penalty points, we built a point system. One variant of the system is penalty points. 50 puzzles may have different difficulties. It'll has 30 seconds puzzles, 15 minutes puzzles; so when we thought about puzzle difficulty distribution we decided on 2 minutes. It is very early to say penalty points is much. Not much according to me. As I said above, we considered CrocoPuzzle system, and we built a thing. CrocoPuzzle gives +5 minutes penalty on each wrong submission, i am saying this because it also has a wide variety of different difficulties, and this system is accepted and being used for a long time. I think 2 minutes penalty seems pretty reasonable compared to it.

So i can say that rules are set and valid for every competitor and there won't be any changes on the system. We'll see how it works during the 50 days. Next year maybe we can come up with an improved system considering the suggestions, but this is the deal for this year.