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Nizz posted @ 2022-05-19 1:47 AM

Administrator - 2022-05-10 1:18 AM

Nizz - 2022-05-07 11:25 AM

I know the contest is long over, but I am getting "Wrong solution" for several of my correct solutions. It seems this happens whenever I submit a wrong solution first - all subsequent submissions are then deemed wrong. This is still the case even if restarting from scratch ("delete all").
We are still trying to debug this issue and have not found anything missing at our end.

Lets take one specific puzzle for example : Tapa 13
Can you submit the puzzle again and after you get the "Wrong Solution" message, can you please share a screenshot of your solved grid?

Tapa 13 was a bad choice for this. I don't know if you chose that becase it was unfinished on my account, but it turns out my solution was indeed wrong, and after correcting it the submission went through.

Tapa 2 on the other hand, I have checked and double checked. See attached screenshot


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